Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Joyful Always

Don't mind the incomplete look of the blog.  Getting it to look the way I want is not one of my skills. will look good.  :)

I'm on a mission to simplify anything I can these days.  There is so much to get caught up in.  So much you feel like you have to do.  Facebook, making great scrapbooks containing every picture you've taken, volunteering at school, keeping the house, cooking great meals for your family. It is easy to get so focused on your to-do list that soon you begin to notice you've let your family time slip down the list.  As mother hens we need to guard our time with our families as carefully as we can.  As our lists get longer we begin to feel as though things are piling up. It's a loosing battle. The saying is true. We can have it all...just not at the same time. 

When we spend good quality time with our family everyone is happier, more joyful.  Simplify routines.  Declutter. Let go of things. When your house is in order and everything has a place, home is a more pleasant place to be.  You can focus on the little things that are so important. The things you will want to remember when your kids are older. Of course there are still things that need to get done.  Just put a few things on your to-do list each day.  Keep it simple.  Find the joy.

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  1 Th 5:16-18 

Start knocking some things off that list. 

First off...excuse the poor picture quality.  I took these pictures at night. I have two small kids and the only time I could get to it was after they went to bed and since I'm keepin' it simple, I'm not going to let that bother me.

I finally got to my dresser in the living room.  I has been painted and awaiting distressing for months now.  It took all of 30 minutes to sand the edges and apply the antiquing stain.  Super simple.  Now I have to find some knobs and it will be complete.

I picked up a couple of glass jars and filled them with decorative fruit found at Target.  I also covered an A with cardstock.  This print is a step out of the box for me. Usually I would pick something more on the plain side.  Love it!

I framed Kayla's handwritten alphabet. I got this idea from Becky Higgins.  Love her!  She has great ways to simplify things, but keep them beautiful.  I love framing artwork that the kids make.  It's easy to decorate with and sends such a great message to her.  It tells the kids that I'm so proud of what they made that I want to display it. 
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While you're enjoying your family this week, look for the joy in all things.