Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom: Inspiration Thursday

It's Thursday again!  Time for some inspiration from the Gussy Sews blog.  This week the focus is on the bathroom. 

The bathrooms are on my list.  I need to get to them.  It's just that our style has changed, so every room is needing somewhat of a 'redo' or new things.  It takes a LONG time.   The only one in the house (I have 3) that is somewhat decorated is the guest bathroom.  Not much is going on there yet, but it's on the way. Excuse the dark picture.  We have one tiny window up high in the bathroom.  Not the best lighting.


My daughter made this for me when she was three.  I remember how proud she was when she finished it. I have always had it framed and in the bathroom.  The kids have different pieces of art for different seasons that I change out, but this is the 'anytime' piece I love. 

 This, however, is my inspiration picture for my master bathroom. We haven't done anything in there yet, but once I do, I'll post some pictures. I love the chippy paint and the blue walls.  Don't you think the little curtain is cute too?  We have a glass block window that needs covering and I think this would do the trick. And beaded board just adds something so clean and fun to any room.  
Cottage Bathtub Design
We've had a couple of wedding, birthdays and get-togethers, so I'll be back later with a recipe or two and some super simple cards.  Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Am No Longer Afraid

I have been afraid of my sewing machine for years.  Could be because I sewed my finger in 8th grade.  Could be because there are always two little kids around and I don't feel like tackling a new thing at 10:00 at night. 

In order to get over my fear of the sewing machine, I'm going to make attempt to make my daughters nap mat for kindergarten. Here is the picture from Jenny Garland's blog.  She posted a great tutorial. 

Jenny Garland
Jenny Garland

So far I have purchased my materials and have sewn the top blanket together. No major problems as of now, but I'll keep you posted. I'm not as nervous as I was 3 days ago at the craft store.  In fact, I'm having fun doing this!

More to come on this project...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Play: Inspiration Thursday

Hey there girls,

It's Thursday, and you know what that means!  Inspiration Thursday over at Gussy Sews. It is so fun to see what everyone posts based on the prompt.  There are some great ideas and blogging ladies out there!

The theme fits in with my summer perfectly.  Play.  My goal for this summer is to really focus on family time and all the blessings in our ordinary day.  There are so many ways to have fun that don't have to cost you a thing!  (Maybe an extra few minutes cleaning up, but it's worth it.)

I can't start a post about playing without showing you the new color in the playroom. Because our kids are young, because I spend most of my time in the kitchen, because I want to see my kids when they are playing without me, we set up the dining room as a playroom.  It works great!  I didn't like the color it was painted when we moved in. So after many samples for this room and others (more on that as it gets done), my man finished painting the playroom!  It looks great!  Thanks honey!  Now to decorate...                                         

Have some fun treats on hand.  We're pretty careful about what the kids eat most of the time. Don't get me wrong, we do have plenty of fun food, but it's not an every day thing.  I found these mini cones and they are perfect for a fun treat that you don't have to feel guilty about.  I just use my melon baller to scoop the ice cream.  
 Strawberry frozen yogurt tastes just as good as ice cream to the kids.

Head on over to your local fire station.  They'll stop and talk to you (as long as they aren't on their way out the door) and probably even give you a tour.  While visiting my parents, we walked down to the fire station and talked with the wonderful fire fighters there.  They were so great with the kids.  They showed them the truck, let them sit in it, and even backed the truck out and extended the ladder so they could see how high it could go.  This was the highlight of the trip. 
Get on the floor and play a little ever day. Our kids are so excited to just play with us.  I'm very much a type A personality and sometimes I'll notice it has been a while since I've really played with them.  I notice a difference in their behavior. They are much happier with some good ol' play time with us.

Play in the sandbox or have a water day.  It's great to have them together so you can wash off the sand!  We filled up a plastic pool we found at WalMart.  It sits on our back porch where there is great afternoon shade. 

Capture some of the ordinary parts of your day.  Some of the biggest blessings come in the smallest moments.

 Make an effort to slow down and notice the blessings in the ordinary moments and you will start to see them everywhere.  Make this a summer full of blessings...and give thanks for them!

Now, go on and make some fun today!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Green

Happy Thursday everyone!  It's Inspiration Thursday again over at Gussy Sews.  This week the prompt is "green".  This can be taken any number of ways.  At first I was stumped.  I even thought for a moment that I could go the rout of know, things I'm envious of......but that didn't seem like such a great direction to take things.   I decided to keep it super simple and go with things around the house or that are in the works that I love that happen to be green. 

Like right now for example.  The kids are resting (I use that term loosely) and I'm enjoying some dill pickle chips.  Yum!  Pickles are green.  Or the 2 ft. Christmas tree in my son's room that he won't let me pack up from Christmas.  He uses it for a night light. 
I have taken almost all the lights off and tucked them behind the night stand it sits on.  
Guess we're going for a 'woodsy' theme in there. 

Seriously now...enjoying too many chips.

Totally NOT mine:  Camille Roskelley posted some squares she has been working on.  If I didn't find some great sources for inspiration, I wouldn't think to put the green with the teal.  Love it! 

just swell closeup
Again, Camille uses the green with the great red and teal colors.  Can't wait for her Ruby fabric line to come out!
Now for the green around this house.  We painted the other day.  The kids love to do this. One of my favorite green items is a large roll of this green and white checked paper.  I keep it in the laundry room and just cut off enough to cover the table when we do crafts.  It has come in so handy!  I'll probably still be using it when they graduate but it sure is useful!
It's like this one, but only green and white.

Noah's painting
Kayla's painting:  Shrek and Donkey.  We've been into Shrek Forever After this week.

Tried to get my camera to focus on the open green container, but it would only focus on the Toy Story pencil.  :)

My husband has been working in the garden. This is our okra.  Not sure what I'm going to do other than pickle this. We love us some okra pickles. 

Our tomatoes are still green...that counts.

And so are the leaves on the Silver Maple we planted last weekend.  Can't wait for this to turn colors in the fall!

Another picture of the maple. I couldn't decide which picture to use. 

Again with the maple.  I looked at the other side of the tree this morning and saw a bee just hanging around.

One more thing....just saw this eat sign in turquoise.  Hmm....that would be cute too!

How about you?  What 'green' things do you have going on?  Love to read the comments! 

Blessings to you from sweltering Alabama!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Kitchens

Happy Thursday Everyone,

First off, today is this guy's third birthday.  Crazy.  He seriously needs to stop getting cuter.  These were pictures from October.  Here's one of his summer buzz that Grandpa gave him.  So cute. 

New buzz cut. (and no, he doesn't know how to play)

Time again for another inspiration prompt from Gussy Sews.  This week the topic is kitchens.  What do you like about your kitchen, what do you want your to look like. What inspires you about your kitchen?

The first thing I thought of  when I read the prompt is LOVE.  The kitchen really the heart of the home.  So much of what we do as moms and wives starts in the kitchen.  And I'm not just talking food, although food is a wonderful thing. 

  In our home, we enter through the garage and walk through a small hallway and enter the kitchen and breakfast area.  The floor plan is very open, but the kitchen is the first thing you see.  The loved ones who walk in should feel welcomed, loved, and thought of. 

There are so many little gifts from the many ways to bless your family in the way you keep your home...or on the topic of this post...your kitchen. 

Light a yummy smelling candle, play some nice music. One of the first things I do in the morning is walk into the kitchen and light a candle.  When I'm ready to get some work done, I put on some music. Usually I'll play some 40's music like Glenn Miller.  After summer it's Christmas and Bing Crosby.  I love Christmas music.  How can you get happier than Christmas?  Ok...I'll admit it.  The kids and I put on the Charlie Brown Christmas CD yesterday and it just helped put me in a great mood. 

My favorite bowl

Use the pretty dishes you have.  I love to collect vintage dishes. The ones I have are either from my Grandma or from a thrift store.  What I don't want are cupboards full of things we never use.  Then it's just stuff that takes up space.  Even when decorating, I try only to have things that are useful or have sentimental value to me. My favorite bowl cost $2 at a thrift store.  It is always filled with fruit for the kids or used as a serving bowl when we have a big family dinner.  Use the beautiful things you have!  It makes the ordinary feel special...because it is.  Celebrate the ordinary things in life. 

The kids use the cow to pour milk on their cereal every morning.  Love the cow!

When the kitchen....or any area of your uncluttered there's just a better sense of calm.  I want my home to be a place my family can relax, feel comforted from the world.  I try hard to keep clutter out of the kitchen.  It is also the first and last place I clean.  It's hard for us because the counters tend to be where we drop things in our hands.  The newspaper, crayons and color books, keys, sunglasses, plan books, etc.  This is something I have to stay on top of or it can feel overwhelming to me.  It feels good to go to bed at night with a clean kitchen.  The counters are cleared and the kitchen table is ready for breakfast. 
Totally not my kitchen, but I'm going to look for an 'eat' sign like this one.

This is not my kitchen eitherLove the floor. Thinking of painting it on canvas for a rug in the craft room.  Love the stool.  Love how there's a lot of  stuff in this room but it's not cluttered looking at all.

These two images are from Hooked on Houses.  If I could combine them, I'd have the perfect kitchen.  It is TOTALLY not what I have now.  I love my kitchen, but if I were dreaming....this would be it.

Place for fun and safe experimentation...
Let the kids play.  Let them help you cook.  There isn't a mess that you can't clean up later.  They get messy.  But messy is fun and you can always take out the vacuum later.  I always tell my kids "no biggie".  They aren't allowed to make a mess on purpose, but the messes that come from helping and learning are fine and even help make great memories.  Flour covered faces, frosting year they will be more careful and your memories will be different.    Have fun with them and relax. 

What do you love about your kitchen?  What do you want it to be?  I know there are only 4 of you reading this, but play along anyway :)

Have a blessed day and go celebrate the small stuff!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Thursday

 Hey Y'all,

I came across a great blog,  Gussy Sews. She is starting a weekly Inspiration Thursday Linky Party.  I love getting in my craft room and completing something, but time for that is hard to come by...unless I give up sleep.  I thought that by taking part in this I could share some ideas and see where other people get their inspiration.  This week the topic is handmade.  What do you make or want to make.

What do you make:  Cards.  This is the easiest to get to and complete.  I love card making because it can be simple and I can complete a card fairly quickly if need be.

I made this one for a friend who had been sick for a while. I got the idea from Carly at Paper in Bloom.  This is my favorite site for inspiration on cards. Check out her craft room.  She loves to organize just like I do.  Great ideas.

This is one I made with A Muse Studio products.  I love fall! The A Muse Studio products are so clean and simple. 

Thank you card for teachers this year. 

What would I like to create:  Hmmmm....this list could be very long.  I have a plan to start quilting.  I would love to make quilts for all our beds and to have them stashed around for snuggling up or making our home pretty.  I love that you can take a pattern and make it in any fabrics you want.  I also love the ideas of the charm packs and the jelly rolls.  It's so great to buy fabric that you know goes together. No guessing.  it's also nice that a lot of the cutting is done for you.  My favorite site for inspiration is Simplify.  I love Camille's colors and patterns.  Once the craft room is done and I have a place to keep my sewing machine up, I plan to start this quilt. 

This picture is from Camille Roskelley's blog Simplify.  Love it! 

Here's to getting creative and making your home beautiful!  What types of things do you do?  Head on over to Gussy's blog and get some inspiration!  If you want to link up with us and take part next week, click on the button on the sidebar to get the info