Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom: Inspiration Thursday

It's Thursday again!  Time for some inspiration from the Gussy Sews blog.  This week the focus is on the bathroom. 

The bathrooms are on my list.  I need to get to them.  It's just that our style has changed, so every room is needing somewhat of a 'redo' or new things.  It takes a LONG time.   The only one in the house (I have 3) that is somewhat decorated is the guest bathroom.  Not much is going on there yet, but it's on the way. Excuse the dark picture.  We have one tiny window up high in the bathroom.  Not the best lighting.


My daughter made this for me when she was three.  I remember how proud she was when she finished it. I have always had it framed and in the bathroom.  The kids have different pieces of art for different seasons that I change out, but this is the 'anytime' piece I love. 

 This, however, is my inspiration picture for my master bathroom. We haven't done anything in there yet, but once I do, I'll post some pictures. I love the chippy paint and the blue walls.  Don't you think the little curtain is cute too?  We have a glass block window that needs covering and I think this would do the trick. And beaded board just adds something so clean and fun to any room.  
Cottage Bathtub Design
We've had a couple of wedding, birthdays and get-togethers, so I'll be back later with a recipe or two and some super simple cards.  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. ahhhh that last photo makes me want to take a bubble bath! pretty pretty!

    visiting from gussy's inspiration workshop :)


  2. Love the color of the walls! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I love that you framed our daughter's art so that you can see it every day! I did the same thing with a painting my daughter did for me when she was about 5; makes me so happy all these years later (she's 27).

    With a smile,

  4. That bathroom photo is now MY inspiration as well! Thank you so much for posting that and I also enjoyed how you framed your child's rainbow drawing. Keeping that idea in mind for when we have little ones...
    Happy Summertime!


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