Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Green

Happy Thursday everyone!  It's Inspiration Thursday again over at Gussy Sews.  This week the prompt is "green".  This can be taken any number of ways.  At first I was stumped.  I even thought for a moment that I could go the rout of know, things I'm envious of......but that didn't seem like such a great direction to take things.   I decided to keep it super simple and go with things around the house or that are in the works that I love that happen to be green. 

Like right now for example.  The kids are resting (I use that term loosely) and I'm enjoying some dill pickle chips.  Yum!  Pickles are green.  Or the 2 ft. Christmas tree in my son's room that he won't let me pack up from Christmas.  He uses it for a night light. 
I have taken almost all the lights off and tucked them behind the night stand it sits on.  
Guess we're going for a 'woodsy' theme in there. 

Seriously now...enjoying too many chips.

Totally NOT mine:  Camille Roskelley posted some squares she has been working on.  If I didn't find some great sources for inspiration, I wouldn't think to put the green with the teal.  Love it! 

just swell closeup
Again, Camille uses the green with the great red and teal colors.  Can't wait for her Ruby fabric line to come out!
Now for the green around this house.  We painted the other day.  The kids love to do this. One of my favorite green items is a large roll of this green and white checked paper.  I keep it in the laundry room and just cut off enough to cover the table when we do crafts.  It has come in so handy!  I'll probably still be using it when they graduate but it sure is useful!
It's like this one, but only green and white.

Noah's painting
Kayla's painting:  Shrek and Donkey.  We've been into Shrek Forever After this week.

Tried to get my camera to focus on the open green container, but it would only focus on the Toy Story pencil.  :)

My husband has been working in the garden. This is our okra.  Not sure what I'm going to do other than pickle this. We love us some okra pickles. 

Our tomatoes are still green...that counts.

And so are the leaves on the Silver Maple we planted last weekend.  Can't wait for this to turn colors in the fall!

Another picture of the maple. I couldn't decide which picture to use. 

Again with the maple.  I looked at the other side of the tree this morning and saw a bee just hanging around.

One more thing....just saw this eat sign in turquoise.  Hmm....that would be cute too!

How about you?  What 'green' things do you have going on?  Love to read the comments! 

Blessings to you from sweltering Alabama!
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