Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Thursday

 Hey Y'all,

I came across a great blog,  Gussy Sews. She is starting a weekly Inspiration Thursday Linky Party.  I love getting in my craft room and completing something, but time for that is hard to come by...unless I give up sleep.  I thought that by taking part in this I could share some ideas and see where other people get their inspiration.  This week the topic is handmade.  What do you make or want to make.

What do you make:  Cards.  This is the easiest to get to and complete.  I love card making because it can be simple and I can complete a card fairly quickly if need be.

I made this one for a friend who had been sick for a while. I got the idea from Carly at Paper in Bloom.  This is my favorite site for inspiration on cards. Check out her craft room.  She loves to organize just like I do.  Great ideas.

This is one I made with A Muse Studio products.  I love fall! The A Muse Studio products are so clean and simple. 

Thank you card for teachers this year. 

What would I like to create:  Hmmmm....this list could be very long.  I have a plan to start quilting.  I would love to make quilts for all our beds and to have them stashed around for snuggling up or making our home pretty.  I love that you can take a pattern and make it in any fabrics you want.  I also love the ideas of the charm packs and the jelly rolls.  It's so great to buy fabric that you know goes together. No guessing.  it's also nice that a lot of the cutting is done for you.  My favorite site for inspiration is Simplify.  I love Camille's colors and patterns.  Once the craft room is done and I have a place to keep my sewing machine up, I plan to start this quilt. 

This picture is from Camille Roskelley's blog Simplify.  Love it! 

Here's to getting creative and making your home beautiful!  What types of things do you do?  Head on over to Gussy's blog and get some inspiration!  If you want to link up with us and take part next week, click on the button on the sidebar to get the info


  1. If you get into quilt making, please feel free to make me one like the one pictured above...awesomely wonderful!!! :) PS...I'm having a Card Makin' Friday next week. I am VERY excited!!

  2. Beautiful cards, Jess. I wish I knew how to do those!

  3. Kristi, I'll make cards on Friday and pretend I'm with you....we can post our pics! That will have to do for now.
    Kati, you totally could do it! Just get a kit with matchin papers in it. That takes out the guess work!

  4. Deal!! I'll be thinking of you while I am being creative :)

  5. That pick up truck w/pumpkins on board stamp is SO cute! I am going crazy here after viewing that link to all those GREAT QUILTS! Really, I think it's the colors she uses, right? It's all those great reds, turquoises, limes and other vintage shades that put a smile right across my face! Thank you for sharing that link!!!



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