Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Wreath

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today I'm linking up with Gussy Sews. The prompt this week is 'your favorite color'. 

Through the Inspiration Workshop at Gussy Sews, I found Ashley's sweet blog, The Vanilla Tulip.  Go check it out, she's full of inspiration and encouragement! A while back she posted about a book wreath she made and linked to the fabulous tutorial. Also a blog to dig into and enjoy! Let's see if I can get any more links in this post.

Well, I made it that day. And the color it is when you're finished is just beautiful!  And it didn't cost me a thing!  Well, if you get picky, I did buy the items at one time...just WAY before I decided to do this project.  One gapevine wreath found in the closet, two previously read books, and a bunch of glue sticks later:  I have a gorgeous wreath!  In person, the color is just so rich looking!

The tutorial calls for you to paint the sides of the book.  I didn't want to bother with that so I just took out my distressing ink (or any brown ink would do) and inked the paper edges of the book. Totally fast and easy.  Don't worry about covering it all.  I picked out two books from my stash that I enjoyed but wouldn't likely read again.  I liked the idea of having books that I had a 'history' with.  I usually feel attached to a book by the time I finish it. 

I love the creamy color of the pages with the black type.  It really could go anywhere.  I can't decide where to put it, so I hung it on the inside of the door....and I like it there.   

Plus it's the same color as my dog.  Maybe that's why I like it so much!

Hope your Thursday is great!

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  1. It turned out so pretty! (And your dog is adorable :) )

  2. Hi there miss Jessica!
    It looks fabulous on your door!
    Love it! Great DIY.
    Shelly xo
    p.s. I'm a new follower

  3. I LOVE that wreath!! I might have to attempt this myself. :)

  4. I love it and your dog. Hmmm...this would match my dog too! ;)

  5. I sure like your wreath, very smart! I suppose you'd have to hang it on the inside, or maybe the humidity would make the pages droop, but it sure is creamy adorable, & so is Moooo Moooo!

  6. I love this idea!! Fabulous!!

  7. I am going to try and make this but know that I will be commissioning you to do it if mine doesn't turn out. :)


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