Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Inviting Front Porch

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It's Thursday and I'm linking up again with Inspiration Thursday at Gussy Sews.  After a couple of less humid days, it's going to get hot and muggy again. I'm dreaming of greeting the crisp fall on my front porch with a cup of coffee in my hands.  Well......not MY front porch, but my dream front porch.  Our house really has everything we wanted...except the front porch.  These are the front porches of my dreams. I found all these pictures from good ol' Better Homes and Gardens a few years ago and have had them in a binder.

Come on over and have a cup of coffee with me!

July 4th Decorating
I love this table. In fact I go back and forth about painting my kitchen table a good country shade of red.  Still thinking.
July 4th Decorating   Beautiful.
July 4th Decorating
I just love everything about this house right down to the white picket fence.  So inviting and comfortable.  Can't you just see the kids playing in the yard, adults enjoying a cold glass of homemade lemonade while Grandma and Grandpa arrive and come up the walk? 
Looking at pictures like these can get us a wishin' for what we don't have.  If I just had....  That can be a dangerous place to linger.  I get stuck there sometimes. When I do, I just come up with a list of the many, many blessings we have.  There are things we can do to add our touches no matter where we live.  It's those touches that make our homes warm and cozy for our families to come home to.  Our homes should be places our loved ones can't wait to get back to.  Where they feel comfortable, loved, cared for.  Today my goal is to add a few touches to add to that feeling. 
Add to that feeling with your attitude as well as your home decor.  We can get so busy that we forget to take the time to look our kids or husband in the eyes.  Nothing says "I cherish you" more than a sweet Mama looking them in the eyes. 
Today, find a way to show them they are loved. An author I love is Lauraine Snelling.  She writes of one of the characters in her book is blessed to be a blessing to others.  You are blessed to be a blessing.
I'm off to tidy up this place! 
Ms. Jess

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  1. That water feature is so cool! And I love all the red.


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