Friday, August 26, 2011

Product Review

I'm in love with these cleaning products.  

I love them because...
1. They smell GREAT!  Hours after I wipe down my counter, I can still smell the fresh scent. 
2.  They are made in the USA!  (Minneapolis, MN to be exact)
3. They are very reasonably priced...and I found mine at WalMart.  They didn't have ALL the products, but the basics are there.
4. You can use the All Purpose Cleaner to make different cleaners. I love that. It's cheap. It's easy. 
5. It's 98% natural and safe for kids.
6. Did I mention how great it smells?  (I have basil and lemon verbena)

I have some fun stuff coming up next week!  Be sure to check back.


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  1. Awesome! Can you buy it at local stores or order it online?

  2. Amanda: I picked mine up at WalMart, but I know you can order it off Amazon. On their website you can type in your zip code and a list of where it's sold will come up. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. oooh, i love them too! i also like method brand. really anything natural and pretty smelling. : )


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