Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma's Hands

If you're over from Gussy Sews, excuse the very large thumbnail of my face! For some unknown reason, no other pictures would link up. It's just by luck I tried again and that one was the ONLY one that would work.

Today I'm thinking about a shop my Mom and I have talked about opening up.  The Inspiration Thursday prompt over at Gussy Sews is 'your favorite shop'.

Although we've only talked about what we'd have in our online shop, it is something in the back of our minds that we'd like to do.  I'll use this opportunity to put a list in writing of what we could carry.  Sort of an online journal/idea book.
Excuse this poor old picture!

My mom is a very talented knitter.  We would carry knit items for babies, kids, and maybe even adults. Sweaters, slippers, dresses, hats, purses, blankets.  She's made all these things in the past and does such beautiful work that her items would be the main focus of any shop we opened.  She already sells some of her items at a shop in Franklin, TN and her label is Grandma's Hands.  That's what we would name the shop.

I on the other hand, haven't had the patience to learn to knit or sew.  I would love to make some cards, paper crafts, and other handmade items to sell.   

Who knows.  Maybe someday ...but you can bet that my three readers will be the first to know.  One of you readers is Mom (Hi Mom and happy birthday!), so I guess she'll already know. But you other two will be the next to know!

Happy Dreaming!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Good Read

Happy Friday!  It's late Thursday night and I'm just getting to this post and linking up over at Gussy Sews. The prompt this week is 'inspiring books'.  Growing up I wasn't much of a reader, but now I can't wait to crawl in bed with a good book!   It's pretty much a perfect night if I can stay awake to read a few chapters.

What's on my nightstand?  Well, I always have a few going for different reasons.  My nightstand (basket under my nightstand) always has books from the following categories...

1. Bible
Always in my basket, but not read nearly as often as it should be.
2. Bible study or devotional
Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God: Encouragement to Refresh Your Soul (Hearts at Home Book)

3. Some sort of Biblical parenting book.
Creative Correction
4. And a great 'fluff' book. 
A Turn in the Road

I really liked this Debbie Macomber book.  It's part of the Blossom Street series which I've really enjoyed.  There are some of her other books that I have a hard time getting into, but this one, and others in the series, were great. 

Then there's always the secondary pile consisting of books I'm going to read and books I maybe started but for one reason or another, I started another book, but fully intend to come back to it because I enjoyed what I read so far.  :)  This is why I need a whole basket for 'current' books. 

Authors I really enjoy...
Dan Walsh
Homecoming, The: A Novel
Great book!  Takes place during WWII. 

Lauraine Snelling
An Untamed Land (Red River of the North #1)
Love these books because they take place in ND.  That's why I first picked it up.  The main character is so strong and has such a strong faith that you can't help but want to be like her. 

Sweet Caroline (A Lowcountry Romance)
There are three in this series and I read them totally out of order, but it didn't matter.  They are all great, especially this one. It's the first in the series.

I could go on and on about good books I've read and want to read, but it's getting late....and I'm ready to go read a book! 


Friday, September 2, 2011

Mom and/or Dad Challenge: Favorite Things

It's finally Friday. There's joy in that!  I love knowing that we made it through the week and have a couple of family days to look forward to. 

I started a challenge that I really think is going to be a source of joy for the whole family. 

Kayla started Kindergarten this year.  Our days have been flying by and I'm missing my girl.  The challenge is this. Give your child(ren) 30 minutes of your UNDIVIDED attention.  You may be saying "What?!? You don't do that already?"  The sad answer is that we (please say I'm not the only one) can get caught up in the hectic daily schedule. Places to go, things to do, dinner to make...

I'm with my kids all the time. Well, not when they're at school, but when we're home, I'm with them.  Usually I'm multi-tasking.  I honestly don't know how much undivided attention there is, and I would bet that it's less than I would guess.
She's independent.  Always has been.  She's a 'drop me off at the door' kind of kid.  She does her own thing. She's that way at home too. 

School is great, but she comes home so very tired.  She told me that "nap time at school is like one minute".  I dont' know about your kids, but if mine are tired, you can tell by their attitude.  Let me tell you....there's been some attitude in the Adam household the last few weeks. 

30 minutes.  Every day for 2 weeks.  We'll either play something she picks, or maybe have a planned activity of sorts.  Face to face, nothing else but her. 

Not that I don't play, but usually it ends up being "hold on while Mommy goes and checks dinner" ....or switches laundry...or any other task that needs to get done.  I think at the end of the two weeks, we'll be happier and more joyful. 

I came across this idea on iMOM while reading about the book Love Languages.  Great site!  Go check it out.

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Have a blessed weekend,
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Vintage

It's Thursday and I've just been waiting to get this post up.  Sometimes life gets busy.  I LOVE almost anything vintage, so this prompt is right up my alley!  I decided to use this as an opportunity to search for some inspiration pictures. 

Here we go...

So cute and farm-ish.  I think my fall bins may be coming out today...maybe.

 Look!  It's my favorite bowl in jadeite!  If you click the link to read about my favorite bowl...excuse the picture.  I tried something. It didn't work.  I didn't take the time to fix it.  Sorry!

pinned by Beth
Just look at all the vintage goodness in this kitchen!  Sigh.

Vintage dresses are so beautiful.  Much nicer than my black yoga pants.  And I do think my waist was this small once.  Then I woke up from the dream.

I heart vintage!

I'll be back with a challenge of sorts that I'm putting myself through.  Stop back in the next day or so and see if you'd like to try it as well.

Have a blessed day!

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