Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma's Hands

If you're over from Gussy Sews, excuse the very large thumbnail of my face! For some unknown reason, no other pictures would link up. It's just by luck I tried again and that one was the ONLY one that would work.

Today I'm thinking about a shop my Mom and I have talked about opening up.  The Inspiration Thursday prompt over at Gussy Sews is 'your favorite shop'.

Although we've only talked about what we'd have in our online shop, it is something in the back of our minds that we'd like to do.  I'll use this opportunity to put a list in writing of what we could carry.  Sort of an online journal/idea book.
Excuse this poor old picture!

My mom is a very talented knitter.  We would carry knit items for babies, kids, and maybe even adults. Sweaters, slippers, dresses, hats, purses, blankets.  She's made all these things in the past and does such beautiful work that her items would be the main focus of any shop we opened.  She already sells some of her items at a shop in Franklin, TN and her label is Grandma's Hands.  That's what we would name the shop.

I on the other hand, haven't had the patience to learn to knit or sew.  I would love to make some cards, paper crafts, and other handmade items to sell.   

Who knows.  Maybe someday ...but you can bet that my three readers will be the first to know.  One of you readers is Mom (Hi Mom and happy birthday!), so I guess she'll already know. But you other two will be the next to know!

Happy Dreaming!

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  1. following from gussy sews! i think it sounds like a fab biz idea! you now have four 4 readers! lol...and happy bday to your mama!


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