Friday, September 2, 2011

Mom and/or Dad Challenge: Favorite Things

It's finally Friday. There's joy in that!  I love knowing that we made it through the week and have a couple of family days to look forward to. 

I started a challenge that I really think is going to be a source of joy for the whole family. 

Kayla started Kindergarten this year.  Our days have been flying by and I'm missing my girl.  The challenge is this. Give your child(ren) 30 minutes of your UNDIVIDED attention.  You may be saying "What?!? You don't do that already?"  The sad answer is that we (please say I'm not the only one) can get caught up in the hectic daily schedule. Places to go, things to do, dinner to make...

I'm with my kids all the time. Well, not when they're at school, but when we're home, I'm with them.  Usually I'm multi-tasking.  I honestly don't know how much undivided attention there is, and I would bet that it's less than I would guess.
She's independent.  Always has been.  She's a 'drop me off at the door' kind of kid.  She does her own thing. She's that way at home too. 

School is great, but she comes home so very tired.  She told me that "nap time at school is like one minute".  I dont' know about your kids, but if mine are tired, you can tell by their attitude.  Let me tell you....there's been some attitude in the Adam household the last few weeks. 

30 minutes.  Every day for 2 weeks.  We'll either play something she picks, or maybe have a planned activity of sorts.  Face to face, nothing else but her. 

Not that I don't play, but usually it ends up being "hold on while Mommy goes and checks dinner" ....or switches laundry...or any other task that needs to get done.  I think at the end of the two weeks, we'll be happier and more joyful. 

I came across this idea on iMOM while reading about the book Love Languages.  Great site!  Go check it out.

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Have a blessed weekend,
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  1. this is a goal I have with my children. it is so easy as a mother to become distracted with the day to day chaos!

  2. I like this idea. I always seem to be multi-tasking or like you said, switching the laundry, or doing the dishes..great reminder :)

  3. that's a great challenge! oh mercy, there are days I do......but certainly days I drop the ball on those 30 precious minutes
    <3 happy weekend to ya!


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