Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Try it Tuesday

Tuesdays are either 'Trip Tuesdays' where we get our errands done or, like this particular week, it is a 'Try It Tuesday'.

We took an idea from my 'Kid Fun' board on Pinterest and we do it. Picking up supplies (and groceries for the week if needed) are apart of the fun.

Here we decided to do the old Mentos-in-a-2-liter-of-pop trick. I read a post from Pancakes and French Fries. She had her kids set the Mentos upright on a strip of tape so they were easier to drop in the bottle for the kids.

We didn't quite get the height that I saw in the blog post but we were still impressed!
On a side note... We now have another two-wheeler in the house! It's amazing what having a bigger sister will do for your desire to try things! Thanks Daddy for running next to him! After a few laps he got it!

If you follow me on Facebook, then I'll be posting a super quick and yummy recipe there today.  I didn't take any pictures and there are only 2 ingredients. :)  Like the blog, then check it out!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Make it Monday

Earlier this summer I was telling a friend that I felt the need to have some sort of schedule.  She got back to me after talking with another friend who had a great idea.  Each day of the week has a name. This gives you some idea for a type of activity to do that day with your kids. I didn't want to schedule every minute, but was looking for a plan that gave me direction.  "What are we going to do today" was too broad. 

This week I'm going to share with your our plan. I know summer is nearing its end, but maybe this will help you in the future, during vacations or with littler ones who aren't in school full time yet.

Make It Monday
This is a day where the kids just get to make something. Usually it only consists of me taking out some craft supplies that we don't use all the time. Sometimes I find something during the week that I pick up and save for Make It Mondays. 
Kayla's supplies

One of Kayla's creations:  "Fireworks"

Kayla made a number of pictures on this day and had fun with the different supplies we used.

Noah wanted to do something different.  So I bought out a roll of streamers and tape.  This is what we created.

Noah said it was a fort and a car wash.  It doesn't look like much but it was something different from our every day activities and he played under there with his cars for an hour after making it. He thought it was the neatest thing.
On a different topic, I made a new wreath for our front door this weekend.
I wrapped a grapevine wreath with strips of burlap I picked up last fall at Lowes in the gardening section. I think it's intended for covering plants in frost conditions, but works well for me. 
I picked up the plant hanger at Target last year on big time clearance and have saved it in my stash. I just painted the container a light teal I had on hand and wrapped some twine around it and tied it to my hanger.  The hanger I had was lined with red polka dot ribbon, so I just wrapped a strip of burlap to cover it up. 
That's what our Monday typically looks like.  I don't always get my own craft time on these days, but sometimes it works out that way.
How about you? Have you come up with any ideas to make your summer more interesting without spending money every day?
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Counter Clutter

Good morning!  It's Friday!  The kids slept in a bit...but just a bit and I have my cup of coffee next to me. It's a quiet morning so far.  Love it!
Last night I snapped a couple of pictures of something that's working great in my kitchen.  I really don't like looking at a bunch of clutter anywhere really, but especially on the counter. It seems like an endless battle.  A counter needs to hold so many things so when you can declutter and hide some things, it really helps out and can feel cleaner.  Enter my bread box.
 I picked this up a while back at Target. Who doesn't love Target!  I originally got it to house our land line phone, base, cell chargers, my man's keys and all that other little stuff that lands here.  We no longer have the land line so I got rid of the phone and had the chance to reorganize. 
The iPhone boxes are so sturdy and one side has built in dividers. I was hanging on to these because I knew I could use them somewhere!  Here it is.  I lined the bottom with shelf liner so things don't slide around. The plug for our phones is hidden under and behind the box.  The boxes hold our sunscreen, keys and badge, chap stick, ear buds, an extra key...all the things that end up on the counter. 
I'm thinking of covering the boxes with cute paper but during the summer there's a little less free time for me.  I'll put it on my list!
What about you? Any little organizational things that are working well for you? Do you battle counter clutter like I do?
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meatloaf Meatloaf Double Beatloaf

I've never been a big fan of meatloaf. I wanted to like it. It seems like a great down-homey kind of meal.  The kind you'd remember your grandma making.  I just never found a recipe that was great.  Until now that is. Over Christmas we were on our usual pilgrimage up to Minnesota and we stopped in IL to stay for the night. We got take out from Bob Evans.  We'd never been there before and it sounded good. Jason ordered the meatloaf and it was the one of the best meals we'd had.

When we made it back home I searched for a recipe and found this one on their website.  It's pretty close and is devoured by the whole family...even the picky ones. We made it yesterday and so I thought I'd share the recipe along with a great tip to lose some of the fat. 

This recipe is from the Bob Evans website.

Ingredients: 1 lb Bob Evans Original Recipe Sausage Roll (or any original ground sausage) not pictured
1 lb ground beef also not pictured
1 cup ketchup, divided
1pkg onion soup mix1/2 cup bread crumbs I used italian because that's what I had
2 eggs

Directions:  In mixer or large bowl, combine sausage, beef, 1/2 cup ketchup, soup mix, bread crumbs and eggs.  Mix well. Really well. 
TIP:Crumple up some foil so it has can hold up the meatloaf and have places for the fat to collect.

 Place foil in pan or slow cooker. Shape mixture into loaf to fit in pan or slow cooker.

This does not look appetizing, but just wait!
 Cover and cook on low heat 4-6 hours if using slow cooker. Spread remaining 1/2 cup ketchup on top and cook 30 minutes longer.
If cooking in oven, cook at 350 for about an hour or so adding the 1/2 cup ketchup towards the last 10-15 minutes or so. I've never written down how long I end up cooking so just be sure the center is done before serving.

I don't have a final picture but we served it with Pioneer Woman's Creamy Mashed Potatoes. If you've never made these, you need to. They are the best mashed potatoes. Seriously. Make them. Your family will love you for it.

Today I'm off to dig out the guest room/craft room/extra things room.  Geesh. How'd it get so bad?!



Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Today I'm going to be a Mary. Not so much a Martha. I'm very much a Martha.  In Luke 10:38 Jesus visits their house. Mary sits at his feet while Martha keeps working and complains to Jesus that Mary isn't helping. Jesus tells her that her sister has chosen what is right and it won't be taken away from her.

There is work to be done and projects to be completed but they will be there later.  My kids are here with me now. They are going to make memories of today... with or without me. They will either remember me working or they will remember me spending time with them. Sitting on the floor playing cars and Barbies.  Looking them in the eye and listening to them. Just being with them.

Today I'm going to be a Mary.  I'm going to sit at the feet of Jesus and be still. I'm going to be content. Filled with His peace. I'm going to let him show me the blessings He gives me that I so easily pass by.

Hello Monday.  Today is going to be a great day!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

Good morning! Today I'm linking up to Friday Favorite Things at finding joy.blogspot.com or #fridayfaves on instagram.

We are having a great summer. Today I'm so thankful for the pure joy I see in this face as we play.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back At It With A Plan And Yellow Accents

It's been a long while but I have wanted to start getting back with this blog for a few months now. Lots of fun projects are getting started around our place and ti's just do fun to share!

Found this stair liner on Rare and Beautiful Treasures tonight and I'm thinking of doing something similar in the entry. What do you think?

I'm linking up to Gussy Sews but with no active link because I'm blogging from my phone.