Monday, July 30, 2012

Make it Monday

Earlier this summer I was telling a friend that I felt the need to have some sort of schedule.  She got back to me after talking with another friend who had a great idea.  Each day of the week has a name. This gives you some idea for a type of activity to do that day with your kids. I didn't want to schedule every minute, but was looking for a plan that gave me direction.  "What are we going to do today" was too broad. 

This week I'm going to share with your our plan. I know summer is nearing its end, but maybe this will help you in the future, during vacations or with littler ones who aren't in school full time yet.

Make It Monday
This is a day where the kids just get to make something. Usually it only consists of me taking out some craft supplies that we don't use all the time. Sometimes I find something during the week that I pick up and save for Make It Mondays. 
Kayla's supplies

One of Kayla's creations:  "Fireworks"

Kayla made a number of pictures on this day and had fun with the different supplies we used.

Noah wanted to do something different.  So I bought out a roll of streamers and tape.  This is what we created.

Noah said it was a fort and a car wash.  It doesn't look like much but it was something different from our every day activities and he played under there with his cars for an hour after making it. He thought it was the neatest thing.
On a different topic, I made a new wreath for our front door this weekend.
I wrapped a grapevine wreath with strips of burlap I picked up last fall at Lowes in the gardening section. I think it's intended for covering plants in frost conditions, but works well for me. 
I picked up the plant hanger at Target last year on big time clearance and have saved it in my stash. I just painted the container a light teal I had on hand and wrapped some twine around it and tied it to my hanger.  The hanger I had was lined with red polka dot ribbon, so I just wrapped a strip of burlap to cover it up. 
That's what our Monday typically looks like.  I don't always get my own craft time on these days, but sometimes it works out that way.
How about you? Have you come up with any ideas to make your summer more interesting without spending money every day?
When it works out, I link up with these parties on Mondays. lowercase letters, Bits of Splendor, Life Made Lovely,


  1. That's a really neat idea! What are the themes for the other six days?

    Stopping by from Miscellany Monday ♥

    1. This week I'm going to talk about them more in depth, but they are Trip Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Thinking Thursday and Fun Friday. They are pretty self- explanatory but check back to see more! Thanks for stopping by! I'll do the same!

  2. what great ideas. I love her fireworks andI lol at his fort and car wash ha boys! I love the idea of a different thing each day of the week! Kelcee and I do crafts a lot. We google and pinterest for cheap cute ideas and free ideas as well. Yesterday we planted a Truffala Tree lol with seeds we got from IHop it was so fun for her. We also went to the pool yesterday too! We try to do lots of things outside in the Summer its the Winter that we do a lot of thinking of things to do inside lol!


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