Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Friday

Anyone else glad it's Friday!  Fridays just feel good.  This week I've been talking about how we try to give each day a theme during the summer. A little late, I know, but I only just picked up blogging again recently, ok?  It helps me to have a general topic when deciding what we will do for the day. 

Fun Friday. Pretty self-explanatory.  We do something fun. Something out of the ordinary.  Most of the time it's something free or cheap. Last night I asked Kayla what she thought we should do.  "We could go swimming, we could go to the kids' museum, or we could just make a mess here."

The biggest thing I try to do on this day:  PLAY. There are things that I do need to get done but I really make an effort to focus on playing with them and saying yes as much as I can during the day.

Today we started off with a smoothie for a quick easy breakfast.
Assemble ingredients the night before. In the morning they will be thawed just enough to blend easily. I like to use my plastic pitcher and blend with my immersion blender.
Yummy!  Vanilla yogurt, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, nonfat milk.  When I have it, I use Greek yogurt for added protein.
Now we're ready for some fun!
It was raining this morning and we more like I needed to get out of the house.  We hung out at Barnes and Noble. Books, trains and a coffee did the trick!


This makes Friday fun for Mama!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope it's filled with fun and great memories!

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  1. What a great reminder to stop and say "yes" to the kids more...Barnes and Noble is a win-win for the trains and the coffee!

  2. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can be just so much fun? :-) I love this reminder and it is something I'm trying to do more of with my own kiddos. Your blog is just fantastic and we are so thrilled that you joined us this week for Inspiration Friday!


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