Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Back to School

School is almost here. And a quiet sigh of relief was heard among all the stay at home moms. :) I LOVE having my kids with me and we have done some pretty fun things this summer.....but it's time. It's time for regular bedtime. It's time for a more predictable routine. This commercial comes to mind as I get ready. I'm just as excited as my kids.  (My kids are more excited than the kids in this commercial.) 

 There are a few things other than buying the supplies that we need to do before we start on the 20th. 

Start going to bed early.  We started this on Sunday night. Last year we gave ourselves one week to get used to earlier bedtime. That wasn't enough. It took us a while to consistently get in bed early enough.  I don't know about you, but if I have to wake my kids up in the morning it is sure to be off to a bad start.

Jobs. I've been lazy in having them keep up with their job charts.  Today I'm making something like this.
Pinned Image

I don't have a Silhouette so mine will look a bit different. I'll post pics tomorrow of what they ended up looking like and the jobs I gave the kids. 
They will have AM and PM jobs to complete. I'm still thinking about how best to get them done before I get them started.  I'll post my ideas tomorrow about this.

Homework Area Set Up.  I want to have our homework area all ready by the start of school.  A while back a friend was so kind to give me this desk.  I'm working on repainting it this week. Here's the before...well, the almost before.  I had already started sanding when I took this.

I will post after pics when this project is complete. I'm thinking maybe a chevron pattern. Kayla is in love with these flowers. hmm.
Dial down TV time. We really do try to keep the TV time to a minimum but I admit I've let it slide more than I'd like this summer.  It's been a hot summer.  No excuse but that's all I've got.
Prepare for intentional family time in the evenings.  I know Kayla is going to need to feel connected with us so I'm going to make a list of things we can do together.  I think I'll jot down a loose plan while I'm meal planning for the week.....which I fully intend to keep up with. :)
Keep it calm and relaxing. This can be a stressful time.  Things get busy. There can be a rush to fit things in to the last few days of summer. Pick up supplies. Find new clothes. Get organized.  And then there's the first week and so on. In our house it has really become obvious that it is to our benefit if we keep things calm and relaxing. It's amazing how our approach to different situations affects our kids.
Is there anything I'm leaving out?  What about you? Do you have anything you want to prepare for during your last few days of summer? 
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I know this is a crazy time for moms with school age kiddos! Good luck! :) I'm a new follower.... lovin' the blog!
    Stringtown Home

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think that's a great idea - starting to send the kids to bed early. I'm so glad you linked up at Take it on Tuesday!!


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