Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Like My Laundry Room

At church yesterday we were discussing baptism and how it is a symbol of the death of Christ and rising up to life again. When you go down and are immersed in the water it is a symbol of your old life being buried and when you rise up, it's a symbol of the new you coming to life.  You have been saturated in Christ and made new. 

I wish I could remember this all the time.  Maybe you do. Or maybe you're like me and you forget to remember and you relapse into some old ways of thinking. It's kind of like my laundry room.
This is what it looks like right now. I'm so glad Noah is enjoying it!  This room is obviously not done. It looks much better usually, however, it cycles back to looking like this. I make progress, but lapse back to this state.  One day this project will reach my goal but will evolve as our family grows.
We will never see a point where we are a finished product in this life, but if we work at it and listen to that still small voice helping us along, we'll see growth and change for the better.
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  1. Great analogy! I, too, have a revolving laundry room:-)

  2. What an apt analogy! I "lapse" all the time - I'd like to constantly remember to listen to that still small voice :)


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