Saturday, September 1, 2012

Girly Room Part 1: Subtle Stripes Tutorial

After 2 years of living in our house...I'm finally painting bedrooms. Starting with Kayla's room, I have the first step done and couldn't love it more!  I picked Valley View by Valspar after oohing and ahhing over Camille Roskelley's old home.  They don't have that color out anymore, but it was still in their computer so they were able to mix it up for me.  
I really wanted stripes but very soft and subtle stripes.  When I picked up the paint I asked for 2 gallons of Valley View in semi-gloss and 1 quart of Valley View in a satin finish. Using the different finishes looks like two slightly different colors.  Time to get to work.  
First I painted the other three walls, then tackled the striped wall. 
Painters tape
Paint in two finishes
the longest level you have
Ok, here we go.  I started at one end of the room on my ladder.  I put the level which also has ruler markings on it. against the ceiling. I marked every foot all the way down to the floor.  I moved the ladder and did it again.  Repeat until you get to the other end of the wall. 
Now it's time to connect the dots.  Using the level, start at the top and connect the marks drawing a light line.  Move down to the next mark  and move your ladder when you finish one section of wall. No sense going back and forth so many times.
Time to tape. I started with the semi-gloss stripes. When you tape, you have to surround the stripe to be painted.  Tape off all the semi-gloss stripes and paint.  When they are dry, peel off the tape carefully.  And tape the other stripes.  My friend Kristi gave me the best tip. The picture below shows this step.  You have your contrasting stripe taped. On the edge of tape that will be the new color, paint over it to seal the tape. This will give you a nice clean line when you peel the tape off. When that is dry, go ahead and paint your contrasting color. 
Wait for it to dry. Peel the tape off and get excited about how great the wall looks!
This weekend I'm working on an upholstered headboard.  Check back to see how that turns out! Now that school is in full swing I'll be able to get posts up much faster.  :) 
Since today is September 1, I'd like to invite you to start taking a photo a day.  Fat Mum Slim posts a great list of prompts at the beginning of every month. She even gives you a list of ideas for each day to get you thinking.  If you miss a day, no biggie!  Either take the pic on a different day or just skip it altogether.  These prompts are a great way to have a variety of pictures that show your every day life.  If you are on Instagram you can follow Prairie Girl to Southern Belle (prairiegirltosouthernbelle). I'd love to see the pictures you take!  Let me know in a comment that you are following so I can follow you too!  Don't have a smart phone go ahead and take the pictures and post them on your blog!  It is so fun to see how everyone interprets the prompt for the day. 
Grab your camera and get going!
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  1. Ohh I love your taste!! Those stripes are perfect! My grandmother has vertical ones and I think it's such a great idea! Following you on instagram! Tryonlife

  2. know I love stripes!! It looks great Jess!


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