Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gettin' It Together: Cleaning Schedule

I don't know what it says about me that in order to get things done I need a schedule.  But I do. 

I need to spread the work out.  If I don't, I never feel like I'm done. Everything is on my mental to-do list.  Sure, I might have folded 5 loads of laundry  and put it all away(not likely), vacuumed AND cleaned the bathrooms; but in my head the dusting and mopping need to be done, the windows need washing, the appliances need to be wiped down and our closets need going through. 
If I break the work up over the course of a week and decide ahead of time what 'extra' tasks I will tackle, I'm much better off.  I can get those jobs done, check them off the list and then relax because I accomplished what I intended to do for the day. 
If not, I can take a shortcut and it is on the schedule for next week. One week won't hurt anyone. 
So, here's what I came up with.  I'm making this into a printable and putting it in my binder to be referred to any time. 
Daily Cleaning Schedule
Appliances: Wipe down every appliance.  Stove (scour if needed), dishwasher, mixer, washer, dryer, fridge...anything else you may have.
Laundry: wash, dry, fold and put away
Floors: vacuum/sweep and mop
Zone: 15 minutes for extra job
Surfaces: Wipe all counter tops (kitchen and bathroom), moving items to clean behind and underneath; mirrors; dust; vacuum and mop. Basically, clean anything that has a flat surface. Put items back in their home if they don't belong here.
Laundry: Beds
Floors: vacuum/sweep
Zone: 15 minutes
Bathrooms: Showers and tubs, toilets, garbages Aren't you glad you did the counters yesterday?  Don't you feel like you worked ahead?
Laundry: at least one load done and put away
Floors: vacuum/sweep
Zone: 15 minutes
Bedrooms: straighten bedrooms as needed. Put away anything that is out and shouldn't be.
Laundry: at least one load done and put away
Floors: vacuum/sweep
Zone: 15 minutes
Living areas: straighten up as needed and declutter. Put anything away that shouldn't be out.
Laundry: at least one load done and put away
Floors: vacuum/sweep/mop
Zone: 15 minutes
Laundry: at least one load done and put away.
Sundays are for relaxing and recharging. Maybe some meal planning with a good, old movie on. 
Zone:  Pick one and work on it for 15 minutes.  Ideas include:
door frames
carpet edges
under furniture
craft supplies
etc. etc. etc.
There you go.  My schedule in a nutshell.  If I don't get to something, I don't stress. It will be there next week.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. It seems realistic to follow and allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment. Nice work on the breakdown.

    1. Let me know how it works! I think it's just about tricking my mind! All the work is still there but if I assign days and tasks, then I don't feel overwhelmed.....well, most of the time! :)

  2. Love how you have divided the zones by task vs. by room- I've tried doing this by room in the past and it didn't seem to work very well. So glad to have found your blog!

  3. Thanks, Michelle! I tried a whole room by room schedule but that did NOT work for me. I like cleaning a little bit each day. Then I feel like there is progress and it's easier to keep up with the stuff. Family = Stuff
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I like to break cleaning up into smaller jobs day by day too. This looks like a great schedule!

  5. Could you post a PDF of the cute schedule from your binder?? Love it!

    1. I'll try to figure that out and add it! Thanks for reading!


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