Monday, October 15, 2012

Gettin' It Together: Making Do With What You Have

Today I'm working in the laundry room and hallway.  We have a good-sized laundry room and I have a vision.  It is going to be a mudroom of sorts.  These are the pictures that I have pinned. Check out more here.
This is most likely a long way off.  There are many little things we need to get done first.  I think a reasonable goal would be sometime in 2013.  I hope. 

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In the mean time, I need to be content with the way we are set up now. We use our garage entrance 99% of the time so that is where our things end up. There is a closet there that we use for shoes, coats, vacuum, mittens and hats, and so on.  This is what I have come up with and it works for now. 

I had this 3-drawer plastic unit from my old classroom.  The bottom drawer holds shoes. The second drawer is umbrellas and rain gear. The top drawer is mittens, hats and scarves. On top is a basket that holds soccer gear and boots are next to it.  This works because 1: everything is put away appears tidy and 2: it was free.  :)
I'm a rather impatient person.  Waiting to start this project is very difficult for me.  There just isn't time right now.  I just need to rest in where we are right now and be happy for what I have now and am able to do with it. 
Do you have anything you are making do with until you can do what you'd really like?  What is it?
Yesterday I was going through a box of kids' papers and came across this. Too funny.  It's on a paper towel.  Kayla said our hearts are going out toward each other and we both have kissy lips.  This makes me smile.
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  1. I love these ideas for the mud room! Good luck! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  2. As of that comment I hadn't linked up to you yet, but I am now! Love the parties you throw! :) Hope your day is super!


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