Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Friday

This is a photo I took for the daily Instagram challenge set up by Fat Mum Slim.  It's fun even if you don't have an iPhone!  Use the list as prompts and reasons to get your camera out.  It's so fun to look for these different photo opportunities!
This particular day's theme was 'Emotion'.  We picked up paint at Lowes to start Noah's room and they were so thrilled to see the Christmas decorations up.  Just look at her face!  I love it too!
I have made huge progress on my home management binder and hope to show it to you next week. Right now I'm looking for different paper to decorate the front.  I want it to be more fun-looking than it is now. 
Other than keeping up with the organizing, here's what I'm up to today:
painting Noah's room
freezing pumpkin puree I made yesterday
putting the finishing touches on a wreath I made for my Mom's birthday
prepping the house for my parents' visit (Dad is going to help me with a couple of projects)
Plus cheering on the Fierce Unicorns in a soccer game tomorrow!
Have a great weekend everyone! 
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  1. You are so productive! I can't believe the decos are out already- I'm just getting to halloween! But I love that time of year and always feel so sad when it is over :( Thank you for linking up on Photo Friday at Ladies Holiday- hope to see you next week :)

    1. Anyone can be productive on a to do list! Ha! I was rushing like crazy before my parents pulled up! Oh well, the wreath for my mom is done so that is good!

  2. Great image!

    Popped in from Photo Friday.

    1. Thanks for stopping! I'm headed over to your blog home now!

  3. Isn't it great you can grab these awesome pics because of a cell phone:) I love technology:)
    Thanks goodness because you would have missed that great little excited face:)

    1. You're so right! And who doesn't love all the fun apps you can use. I was remembering the other day what it was like with film. You never knew what kind of picture you got unitl you developed them. And we took considerably less pictures. Definately would have missed this one!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. PS Now following you via GFC:)

  5. What a darling photo! Enjoy the visit with your parents. Aren't dads wonderful for helping with projects! :-) I'm your newest follower. Hope you can follow back. Thanks for stopping in at Anglophile Friday on Cranberry morning! :-)


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