Saturday, November 3, 2012

This Week

Whew! It's been a crazy week!  We have been going going going since last weekend.  After Tuesday, we'll be back to normal around here. 
Busy as it is, I'm grateful for all we have going on and the life we are setteling into.
Here's what we've been up to since we last talked...
Went to the fall festival at Kayla's school.  Someone thought it was a great idea to give away fish.  It was cute and all, but not something we were ready to jump into.  It was the typical get-the-ball-in-the-bowl game. Never thought she'd actually make it.  As I was giving the game attendant a hard time about game being pretty difficult for the kids and asking "What are you going to do with all the leftover fish" I thought it was funny, she made it.
She was so excited. Noah was not. He didn't win.  All night he talked about it and asked why he didn't get one.  So, the next morning we head out to Pet Smart to buy supplies for Kayla's fish and let Noah pick out a fish for himself. Everyone is happy...
 ...until Noah's fish dies 2 days later.  I had to tell him when he came home from preschool. Not fun.  I'm not sure why the fish died, but I'm thinking it probably has to do with whatever went on that caused Noah to come out of his room on Sunday, look at me with big eyes and say "I didn't take my fish out".  

Could be.
Well, we have a new fish and all is right with the world.  Wish us luck. 

Add in Halloween and trick or treating,
lots of candy,
 our first soccer tournament, a dog who had surgery on his eye lid, and you have one tired family.
Their attitudes are telling me they are tired. It's time to slow down.
Tomorrow, if we can make it, there is a chili cook off and barn dance at church.  My husband and I don't have a favorite recipe that we both agree on, so we decided we we would enter two different batches and have our own friendly competition.  I'm feeling pretty confident with the Hungry Girl Hungry Girl Pumpkin Chili recipe I use.  And the fact that he doesn't have a plan yet.  I'm under the impression he's going to wing it. 
I've got this in the bag! ...Not that winning matters at all.   Not one bit. I would like nothing more than for my husband to win.  It would give me grate satisfaction. just for the record
I intended to get a post up last week about my household binder that I put together this month but the pictures haven't been taken yet.  This week I'll show you the handy documents I made. It's helping a lot and I think I can actually keep this up!  It's nice to have everything in one place.

That, along with a couple of gratitude projects and it should be a good week! To see one of them, join me on Instagram (prairiegirltosouthernbelle) or follow the blog on Facebook! 
Hope your weekend was great!  Are you doing anything to document what you are thankful for? Joining any link-ups?  I'd love to hear about it!
VOTE VOTE VOTE!  Get out and vote!  Who cares if you have to wait in line.  Use the time to get caught up on your favorite blogs!  Check out some new Christmas decor ideas!  Just go vote!!!
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