Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: Year In Review

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! It's so fun to think about the new year to come, but today I'm looking back at 2012.

This will be quick.  The first half of the year things were still crazy and I wasn't blogging..Soooo, we'll jump in with July.
In July I started sharing my daily themes for the summer. This one was my favorite!  Try It Tuesday. This particular day we tried the ol' Mentos in the Diet Coke trick.  The kiddos loved it!
A favorite from August was Pinned it and Did it: Super Giant Bubbles
yes, that's my finger at the top of the picture

September came and I shared how my daughter's Girly Room Redo was going. Loved it! Still love it! The original link to the picture I totally copied is in that post.  (I already had picked similar paint).
My brother and sister-in-law also were married in September. That was a personal favorite! Photo Friday

In October I got my act together and got a few things organized around here. Some are still organized, some are not. I started with the pantry.
In November I shared my favorite fall decoration/project. Kid-Made Leaf Garland. It was so fun to make and I loved them on the mantle! I always think it's great when you can work your kids into your decor!
And December came quickly and we made my Great Aunt Ruth's hot chocolate. December is filled with so many great thins...but I picked this post because I did something different. I put whipped cream in the mug for the picture. Then I drank it. Amazing. Life-changing. Well, maybe not life-changing, but pretty good! Way better than a marshmallow!
And yes, we did get a better camera on Black Friday. Love it! Now to learn how to make the best use out of it!
I'm so glad to be sharing some fun stuff with all of you! All of you out there in the blog world are great I love getting to know you!
Here's to a great 2013!
We're kicking it off guessed organization post!  So predictable, right? But it feels so good to get things back in order after the holidays. Check back on Jan. 2 for a post on how I organize my stuff in the bathroom!


  1. Hi there! I just found your link on Diana's link up. I HAVE to try the mentos trick with my might look pretty cool in the snow. :) Happy New Year from your newest follower!

  2. Hey Lori Ann! Thanks for following! That would be such a great thing to try in the snow! Have a camera ready! I wanted to try blowing bubbles in the cold air but we had last minute changes to our MN Christmas plans. The bubbles are supposed to freeze right away.

    If you try it, let me know! I'd love to hear how both worked out! Happy New Year!!

  3. What a great year! Thanks for linking up at the Best of 2012 Party!


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