Monday, December 3, 2012

What Are We Missing

Have you read Seeing The Everyday magazine yet?  What a worthwhile publication!  It is dedicated to reminding us of all those little things that are going on or should still be going on in our homes.
Seeing the Everyday Blog
I love the times we live in. You've never been able to do so much so quickly.  However, much is being lost.  No, we don't have to spend time doing dishes together.  But what about that time to connect with your child while you washed and they dried? Sure I can go out and buy mashed potatoes, but what about the time together while father and son peel the potatoes on Sunday afternoon?
Seeing the Everyday Blog
Eating together at the table?
Making a gift for someone?
Reading to your child? Actually having family time. Together. So many families run on such an individual basis.  Bobby will eat in the car on the way to baseball. Katie will have ballet and soccer tonight.  Yes it's great to be in sports or other activities.  Yes we need the exercise. What about playing together as a family in the backyard? Why not take a walk or a bike ride together after dinner?
So much is lost in 'keeping up'. We need to ask 'what's the purpose of this'. How is this going to matter in a few years?
Seeing the Everyday Blog
As moms we have such an important job.  We need to be intentional about creating the right environment at home. It is here that our kids learn how to be a caring, loving, compassionate (and on and on) adult.
Home needs to be a place where life slows down and we connect.
 I found this quote on Seeing the Everyday blog. 
"Educated women in the home? What an odd thing to deplore! What better place to have us "end up"...What more important job is there than sharing the values we are learning to cherish with the next generation of adults? What more strategic place could there be for the educated woman?"
                                                     -Edith F. Hunter
Becky Higgins has this printable for free download on her site. Great reminder!  Even the littlest task is meaningful.
4x6 task
Download here

 Today is a great day to be intentional in our homes!
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  1. What an amazing post! I love the quote about educated women in the home. I also write for another blog called ChicagoNow (South of I-80) and we were just talking about how mothering in this country has become almost a bad thing. Thanks for giving me faith in humanity :)

  2. Good thoughts...I like where you are going with that; all sooo true. Think about it- Do you think our little one..when ALL GROWN UP is going to say"Mom remember when "we scattered around the house and read books on the Kindle...and remember when we played video games all afternoon then ate [some heat and serve in the microwave] dish we grabbed out of the, those were THE DAYS?!!" I don't think so. I've heard stories of 21st century family eleminating much of "this" and actually alloting time when their children were learning to PLAY OUTDOORS, imagine that!

    Smart are!

    Like Gramma's House

    1. I agree, Jonell! It's so easy to follow where society is taking us that we really do have to be intentional to make sure the connections happen that used to just happen on their own (somewhat). It can be a struggle sometimes.

  3. Great post. We can always use a reminder to make the most of the moments.

  4. Sometimes I need reminding throughout the day! Thanks for reading!


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