Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick Binder Makeover

A few months ago I made a binder (click the link for a detailed description of what I keep in there)for all those things I need to keep organized in one place. I LOVE using my binder every day. I love it so much I wanted to make it cute. 
I headed to Archiver's while in Nashville and picked up the Dots and Stripes Metropolitan pack from Echo Park Paper Co. I picked up two extra sheets of the grey polka dot paper for the cover. 
The kit worked out perfectly! Check it out.

I layered some stickers and added some journaling to the cover. It wasn't this layered at first, but I goofed up a bit and had to add to cover up my mistake. But I like how it turned out.
The whole binder is filled with things we need on an almost daily basis, so this seemed like an appropriate title for it. (and still fun)

On the inside cover I used washi tape to attach my cleaning schedule. On the other side I'll write the table of contents on the blank sticker. I just wanted to be sure I have the sections in the right order. (I'm a little OCD) I cut the different patterned papers to make dividers.

The kit had these great number stickers and there were two of each! I used them to make double sided tabs. Perfect!

To finish it of, I added a flag sticker to each divider.

There you go! A quick and easy way to make something you use every day a little more fun.
How about you? Have you prettied up anything you use every day? Leave the link in the comments so I can check it out!

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