Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quick Cabinet Upgrade and Baking Drawer

Have you been reading April's blog, House By Hoff? Last week she posted here about how she had removed a cabinet door to pretty up her kitchen. Hers looks great with her milk glass on the shelves and nice bright window where it should be!

I love how her milk glass collection looks on the shelves but I don't have any. Not one piece. Can you believe it?! I'm going to change that! For now, I wanted this to be a completely free project so the old mason jars it is. Good thing they are such a pretty color!
As you can see, where her window would be, mine is just a stone back splash. Boring. I need to find some way of making that space interesting. My pick would be to paint the cabinets white and add a white beaded board back splash.

For now I'll start with the cabinet.
Please excuse the dark pictures I took in the kitchen. It is in the middle of the house and doesn't face the window. I would have moved the cabinet into the other room if I could! I love ya that much!
I took the door off and lined the back of the cabinet with some pretty paper I had in the craft room. I have a thing for scrapbook paper and I'm trying to make use of the rather large stash I have in the craft room.  I just used good ol' Scotch tape to secure the paper. I want to be able to change it easily. Knowing me, this kitchen will end up going a different direction and I'll change it in a few weeks.

This cabinet used to house different things. Tea cups, cookie cutters, food coloring, candles... I either found the items a new home, tossed it, or combined it with a like item.

What did I do with all that stuff? Good question! I went through what I guess was my baking drawer (that also had other misc. things in it) and cleaned it out. I organized all my baking items and put them away.  I lined the drawer with paper from the same pack as the cupboard.
I covered a box I had in the pantry with coordinating paper to hold my food coloring and flavorings.
Sprinkles and mason jars. So cute!
Just a strip of paper and these umbrellas and picks are pretty!
Grandma's old bread pan holds our most used cookie cutters.

OK....this picture is horribly out of focus but I threw it in here so you could see how pretty the yellow polka dot paper is. Sorry if I've offended your eyes. The end.
There you go! Not so hard! Now go and make something in your kitchen prettier and come tell me about it!
After living with this cabinet for a few days, I'm already changing it.  It's cute like this, but I keep feeling like it should be for a birthday party or something. And it's not very noticable.  I want to lighten up the kitchen so I'm trying white on the shelves.  What are your thoughts? Maybe a solid color in the back? I'll post pics on Facebook when I start getting closer to what I'm looking for.  Be sure to follow along!  Click the link on the right!
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  1. This looks so cute, Jessica!!! Good job! :)

  2. i AM SO GLAD I got to see this post..[better late than never, huh] You did a great job; I totally love removing doors on cabinets..I have done that for many years..of course it works well if keeping things orderly is easy for you. and MASON JARS...what wd we do w/o them? basically I think it's another case of USING WHATCHA GOT. GREAT POST


  3. Love what you have done with your baking drawer.. all the cute jars.
    I found your blog from Stringtown home.. So proud.


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