Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick, I Need Some Valentines!

Tuesday afternoon I found myself finally getting down to business with the kiddos valentines.  The first grade party is Thursday afternoon.  Plenty of time. The Pre-K party is ....what? Wednesday?  Ok. It just got serious.  Not only did I only have one night to start and finish, but we also had a first grade program and dinner to attend! 
My printer wasn't working.
What could I do?!
Mustaches and lips. Kids (and adults) seem to get the biggest kick out of these! And all I needed was a sucker and some paper!
Here's what I did.
I simply looked at a picture of lip and mustaches online (they are everywere aren't they?), drew a template, and cut them out.  I had paper in my stash (not stache...ha ha!..sorry).
I poked a small hole in each one.  I don't have a small hole punch and wanted to be sure the sucker sticks would fit. No one wants their mustache to slide off!  That would be a major bummer!
That's it! Dilemma solved and possibly the cutest valentines we've handed out. 
These would be cute just to have at the house when the kids get home from school!  Attach them to a popsicle stick and let the kids take some funny pictures!

 I have a drawer where these will ours will be kept! It is the disguise drawer.  It's filled with things you'd need to make a funny spy disguise. Hats, glasses, phones, watches, etc. The kids love to dig in there and come up with something funny. Then the sneak around the house.  Too funny.
Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!  Do something to show your kiddos you love them!



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