Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things You Didn't Know...Leibster Award

I have tried to write this post a few times. It takes a while and I always ended up saying 'thank you' and walking away from it.

April from House By Hoff so kindly passed on the Leibster award. It's for up and coming bloggers who have less that 200 followers. What an honor that a few different bloggers think this small blog could be something!

Here are the rules.

List 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

Write 11 questions for the 11 bloggers you nominate.

Go to their blogs and tell them you are nominating them. Thank the one who nominate you and link back to their blog.

Sounds fun, right? Here we go.

11 Facts About Me
1. I've had an iPhone since July and feel like I barely know how to use it or what it's capable of. (Writing this post on it right now)

2. I grew up in Fargo, ND with one brother. He and my parents all moved to Nashville. (At separate times) It's so nice to be by family again!

3. I've been married for just over 8 years to a man I love. Sometimes things are crazy but there is no place is rather be.

4. I was a teacher in my previous life. I started in upper elementary grades but found my place in second. Love that age!
Right before I found out I was pregnant with our second, we decided I would stay home. I felt like I couldn't give 100% to work or family. Family wins every time! Sometimes I wish I could do both but I love this time in my life and wouldn't change it.

5. Right this second I am in the van on our way home from MN. I miss the snow and don't mind the cold. You can always put on more layers!

6. I love polka dots and chevron.

7. My craft room is an absolute disaster right now. Seriously. Working on it this week.

8. I'm a total dog person.

9. I really like new office supplies. Sharpies. Dry erase markers. File folders. Clip boards. Fun stuff people!

10. I would love to make a quilt but I'm intimidated.

11. Seriously thinking about putting a couch in my kitchen. Am I crazy?

April's 11 Questions For Me

1. How do you balance blogging, family, and other responsibilities? I try to only blog during time that is mine. That means when my kids are at school (Kayla is in 1st grade and Noah is in preschool school 3 mornings a week) or at night. Sometimes early morning.
2. If you had to be on one reality show, which one would it be? To be honest, my life is all the reality I need!
3. If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? Standardized testing. ;)
4. What's your go-to beach read? A decorating, organizing, craft or cooking magazine. How about one of each?!
5. What is your least favorite chore or daily task? Laundry. The folding and putting away.
6. What is your idea of a perfect day? Happy kids, coffee, fun at home with the whole family, a good but easy dinner and then some time to get crafty at the end of the day. (All with a clean house, of course!)
7. What song takes you back to high school? Songs they play at hockey games like We Are the Champions and the Zamboni Song. 
8. What are your favorite blogs? House of Smiths, The Idea Room, Tatertots and Jello, just to name a few.
9. Tell about one personal belonging that has the great sentimental value. The pearls my husband gave me for Christmas the week after our wedding.
10. If money were no object, what home renovation would you tackle? Kitchen. New cabinets, backsplash and tile.
11. What do you consider your biggest strength or talent? Being creative with what I already have.

11 Questions for the Bloggers I Nominate

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
2. Do you have a favorite meal you make or eat? What is it?
3. If I just dropped by one afternoon would your house be picked up or most likely not because you are working on a project of some kind?
4. Do you like to fly or drive on trips?
5. What is your favorite thing you have inherited?
6. Is there a craft or skill you wish you could do or would like to learn?
7. Do you prefer rain or snow?
8. When you have an extra minute or two, what is the blog you like to check out?
9. Do you watch Downton Abbey?
10. Coffee or tea?
11. Cake or pie?
I am nominating Lori Ann's Food and Fam, And Away We Go Head over and check out these two blogs! Totally worth the time! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I just got back from vacation and I am hoping to respond soon!


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