Monday, March 18, 2013

Craft Room Inspiration

I'm relaxing today.  Flu B hit our house a week ago and I had already been taking care of sick kids and a sick husband for about 3 weeks before that.  Kayla's fever finally went away and she is at school.  Noah is fine so far....I was assuming that he'd get it as soon as she went back. And I'm in my house alone for a while. 
Thank the good Lord for a break!
I'm about to go start digging around in the craft room and start working on that room.  This weekend I came across a FANTASTIC blog that I'm pulling my inspiration from. 
Have you read Raising Up Rubies ? Don't you just love that name?! The pictures below are from her blog and I'm using them as my inspiration. 


Here's what I love. The big table that could be used to host a craft night or work on projects with the kiddos. Or have them working in the room while I'm working on something.

Cheap-o book shelves. They picked these up for cheap and added molding. Perfect!
I'm saving cereal boxes and will cover them with brown paper. Cute labels and there we go!  Cheap and cute storage!
I'll keep you updated on the room a few projects at a time!

What would you add to your craft room if you had the space?


  1. I love this!! I was just thinking that I need to organize my craft room!

  2. I found the same craft room last week! The amount of supplies she has is unbelievable! Great inspiration!!

  3. Thank you ladies! Not sure how close I'll come to Raising Up Rubies, but it helps so much to have a great inspiration picture! Love her blog!

  4. Oh my word! I love this - my fav is the cereal box idea. Can't wait to see your finished room! :)

    1. I have big ideas.....we'll see what happens! I'm not too quick on big projects like this!

  5. That craft room is amazing! Excited to see yours.

  6. I love the cereal box idea. Great way to upcycle. I can't wait to see pics of your new craft room.


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