Friday, March 1, 2013

Mirror Redo and Road Trip Survival Item #1

First thing I wanted to share is that today I'm over at The Taylor House sharing my clearance mirror redo. Come on by and check it out!

Second thing to share is my first family road trip survival tip....

Gone are the days of flying up north every time we go see family.  Buying 4 plane tickets twice a year just isn't in our budget.  Hello family road trips. Spending two days in the car as a family of four isn't something I get excited about...right away. In fact, the potential for stress and all the that could arise (tempers, bad attitudes, fights, bickering, bathroom problems, etc) makes me nervous.
Until I start planning. 

Get it? CANOE handle it? I thought that was funny in a post about long road trips with kiddos. Sometimes I don't think I can handle it. It's not for the weak. (and I know you're not weak)

One thing I do is make sure we have a number of activities planned for the kids. The first one I want to share with you is our covered clipboards.  They work perfectly for printouts and coloring sheets that they would need a hard surface to work on.  Plus it keeps things together instead of all over  your van.  There's enough to clean up without papers everywhere.

Just pick up a paper pack from your favorite store and Modge Podge it on a clipboard from WalMart. Easy as that.
As spring break and summer get closer (Come on spring!)I will be posting some more ways to keep your kiddos from driving each other crazy in the car without popping in a movie or handing them a game. Make sure you follow the blog (links over on the right) so you don't miss any of these tips! And be on the lookout for a giveaway in March!
And I just wanted to say hi and thank you to all of the new followers here and on Facebook!  I'm so glad you are with me and taking part in some of the conversation! Love it! Feel free to send me some links to your posts. I love to check out new blogs when I have a chance!

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