Saturday, March 16, 2013

That One Little Word

Usually on Fridays I take a look back on our week and share some photos with you. It's a way for me to intentionally be grateful and find the joy and blessings that are easily missed.  You can read more about my One Little Word here.
I have missed a couple of weeks and am feeling like I really need to take the time to look today.
The kids have been sick.... For a long time....and I'm tired. I'm forgetting about all of the blessings that are around me.

Spring is here. Windows can be opened during the day and fresh, warm breezes are blowing.
Even though she is currently on day 6 of a constant fever, we could have much bigger problems. 
For now she rests.
 She will be better soon.
I have a great man who takes care of us and loves to be with his kiddos.

Homemade cookies. Need I say more?
A garden that will soon be planted with food for our family to enjoy.  Kids who love to be out in the garden with us. They're ready.  (both kids were sick this day but made it out for some fresh air)
An amazing walk-in clinic that is open on Sunday.
Poor kiddo.
 The kids and I stayed home from church last Sunday. He wanted to go outside but this is all he wanted to do once he was out there. Symptoms became much worse and we took him in to find out it was pneumonia.
We watched our church service on the computer. He wanted to play along! We are blessed with kids who love music.
I'm thankful for this reminder that was shared with me by a friend. So often I focus on their behavior when I should be focusing on my own.
 God will take care of the rest.
That brings me joy.
Joy and relief.
Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Do any of you have a word this year? How is it going?
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  1. Precious pictures, and precious words! Aaah! So sweet. Praying that those babies get better, and that you all get much needed rest.... They truly are a gift...

    1. Thanks Heather! I appreciate it! Us mamas have an important job!

  2. Oh my goodness Jessica, so sorry to hear that your kiddos are sick :(
    That is one of the hardest things for me. You just want to make them feel better, lots of hugs to you & the family

    1. Thanks, Lori Ann! Sunday was a turn around day and were so thankful for that! She woke up fever free today! Looking back it wasn't too bad but it can really wear on a mama. Hopefully this is the end if it all! Thanks for your comment!


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