Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Awesomest Weekend

First off, I want to make it perfectly clear how much I love my family and want nothing more than to be home with them. BUT...This past weekend was the awesomest weekend I've had in a while.  My husband gave me something that, to a mom, is like gold.  He gave me.... (wait for it)
Time in the house alone.
As in no one here but me!
As in no getting up because the kids are awake!
As in no stopping arguments between siblings!
As in no fixing dinner for the family, but getting to eat whatever I want!
On Friday afternon, he and the kids packed up the van and left for an entire weekend in Chattanooga.  When the kissing everyone many times and pushing aside the mom guilt, the van pulled out and I walked back in the quiet house with a big smile on my face and squealed. I might have jumped up and down. I might have even talked to my self about all the things I could do.  I gave the house a good cleaning so I could enjoy the rest of my time and went to bed early with a book. 
A trip to Jo-Ann's and Home Goods was in order for Saturday!

Found this guy at Jo-Ann's for 40% off plus a coupon for 25% off my purchase.

Fell in love with these dishes...especially the cute cake stand.
And these bowls.  Love!
These jars are going to make their way into my pantry sometime soon.

This could go many places in the house.

So could this...

or one of these...
and how about a cute little lamp?
The white pillows look hackable. Hmm...
These are about the cutest thing ever!
I spent the rest of the day watching old movies, cooking yummy food and priming a few different projects.

More on these to come! 
 The kids are on spring break so we are enjoying extra snuggle time and looking forward to spending Easter with family.
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We need those mama only weekends, every now and then... he's a good hubby! I'm amazed that you didn't go home with all of that cute stuff! :) It would have been so tempting!

    1. Oh I could have, believe me! But I was on a pretty small budget. ;)

  2. What a special Hubby you have, Jessica! Your weekend sounds so enjoyable and spent just the way you wanted to. I do remember those days with children 24/7 and wishing I could be admitted to the hospital; anything for a break. I am now retired and living my dream. So, enjoy your kiddeos now because they will be gone oh so soon, but you can also look forward to having that house all to yourself soon enough. Life is good! Happy Easter.


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