Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thick Coffee Milk Shake

Because it's Thursday, or because this could change your life, or maybe because you're all so sweet, I want to share my absolute favorite dessert with you. It is the one I look forward to on a rough day. It is  also the one my hubby and I have while watching Downton Abbey. (He doesn't want me to tell you he's a Downton fan. So I'm not. I crossed it out.)
Ok, it probably won't change your life. But on those days where you're tired because you have been taking care of sick people, who you love with all your heart, for 3 weeks and you feel a bit on might help a day like that.
Or how about a day when you feel like every eye in the grocery store was on you because 'what kind of mom would have a child who acted like that' might make that day better. Or at least the quiet time once they have all gone to bed and you're finally able to sit down and take a deep breath.
And especially the day where both of those things are happening at the same time.  It will make your 'you time' sweeter.
Thick Coffee Milk Shake
1/2 pint coffee ice cream (or more)
1/2 to 1 cup milk. Start with less and add more depending on how thick you want it.
whipped cream (optional)
cocoa powder to dust on top (optional)
Scoop ice cream into glass (or jar in our case) then add your milk. You could go ahead and dirty up your blender or use your immersion blender, but at this point in my day (see above) I don't want the extra work to clean that mess up. I just have at it with a spoon. I break up the ice cream and mix it all up but not too much. A spoon is still needed to eat it. Today I did something new and added whipped cream and cocoa powder. I don't usually do that, but hey, it was all in the name of beautiful food. You know what? It was amazing.
Do you have a dessert that you pull out just for yourself on days like this?
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  1. That sounds absolutely delicious!! And if I ate it, I would be so crashed out cold on the sofa within 20 minutes. lol What is it with men who are so afraid to let anyone know they love Downton Abbey! Your husband isn't the only one...

    Love that show, and Julian Fellowes better redeem himself in Season Four - and he better not let anyone else leave the show!

    1. Ha ha!! I keep telling him there are others but they don't like to admit it! We are going to watch seaons 1 and 2 to get us through until season 4 starts. We are hooked!

  2. YUM! Can't wait to try this! It sounds delicious!

  3. My husband is also a fan... gets me to recap the shows I watch without him!


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