Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goin' Down to the Crawdad Hole

Every spring we host a crawfish boil at our house.  We invite about 7 or 8 families and have fun cooking and catching up while the kids play outside.
We have fun having everyone over, but a big fan of crawfish I am not. I'm always surprised at all the kids who just dig right in! It's fun to watch. We grill hot dogs and chicken and each family brings a dish to share.  This year I made desserts. I'll be sharing a couple of those recipes this week.
While I was cleaning and getting ready I thought my mantle needed some help.  I had picked up 2 bags of split peas with intent on gluing them on a wreath another day (I STILL need to change my front door wreath). A quick fix would be to fill up this glass container, which probably has a name that I just don't know. I DO know that it is cute. However, two bags of split peas weren't going to fill it.
Solution: Fill the center with a trimmed paper towel roll.  I tore the remaining paper towels off the roll, set them out as napkins, and trimmed the roll to size.  I lightly stuffed a paper towel in the top of the roll to cover the opening and then poured the peas around it. It worked!
Obviously you would keep pouring the peas in until the roll was covered, making sure you couldn't see any of the filler.  I didn't take an after picture. Sorry.
I'll see you soon with a yummy recipe for crockpot chocolate!

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  1. great idea! I love the colour of split peas!

    1. Thanks! I still want to use them on a wreath. It's on my list!


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