Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playroom Dresser

Our 'dining room' isn't your typical dining room. In fact, it isn't a dining room at all. When we moved in we decided to make it the play room. We aren't formal people at all and would only use the room twice a year. Our kids are here every day. And we kind of like them.
Since the playroom is in the living area of our house...meaning it's out there for everyone to see when they stop by...keeping it organized is a must.  There's no closing the door on the mess. In fact, there is no door. And it's the first thing you see when you come in the front door.  Bam! There it is. Kitchen set, Legos, paper, pencils. All of it. 
One way we keep everything organized for the kids (and me) is this repurposed dresser.  I looked at shelves, but I wanted this to be totally kid accessible and manageable. Want to take a closer look?  

I painted the dresser my go-to creamy white. It's called December Starlight from Lowe's. I removed the bottom drawers, because they weren't sliding well, and added baskets.  Don't tell anyone but they are sitting on foam core board. Shh!  The baskets hold trains, Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head pieces, and felt food.
On top I have these items:
1. Bucket to hold small activity pads and paper
2. Covered cans to hold pens, colored pencils, and skinny markers
3. Drawers from The Container Store to hold unfinished pieces of art or whatever the kids are working on. When it's done I either frame it, hang it on the fridge or put it in the to-be-scrapbooked pile...unless it is one of those things you aren't going to keep but you can't throw it away when you know there is a possibility they might find it. In that case it sits on the counter for an opportune time like when I'm changing the trash bag. (then the bag goes directly to the outside garbage can so they don't see their 'artwork' in the trash bag....that has never happened here...ok, yes it has and it wasn't very fun) 
Here's a look inside the drawers.

I have a post over at The Taylor House that talks about the paper sorters. Love them hanging up!
Here's a closer look.
I'll share more play room pictures as I make progress. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever feel like any room in the house is totally done.  Do you ever feel like that? Will that day come?  Have a super weekend!
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  1. Love how functional yet good-looking this dresser I want to see the rest of the room, kitchen set and all! :)

    1. Hopefully this week I'll have it ready to photograph! Thanks!


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