Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Table and Stovetop Popcorn

Spring is here! Spring is here! 
We are so excited for the warm sunshine, green grass, colorful flowers...
I decided to spruce up the inside a bit.

Here it is. I made this tray for the laundry room. I loved it there, but I think I love it on the table even more. It's a tray from Target that I painted my go-to shade of white and covered with fabric. I'm sure you've seen all the chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby. *swoon* 
The photo book is one I made last year with our summer Instagram photos. I always feel like I have to do something really neat with the photos. But...that doesn't always get done. Plopping them into a digital photo book looks great and gets your photos off you computer and into your hands. It's oh so easy and I never get tired of watching and listening to my littles as they look through the memories.
Do you make popcorn the 'old fashioned' way? Whenever we make popcorn I make it on the stove top. It's not as fast as microwave, but you know exactly what's in it and it tastes so much better! Try it!
Stove top Popcorn
oil (I use canola)
butter to taste, melted
salt to taste
Add 3-4 tablespoons of oil to a pot that has a lid. I just eyeball it. You want enough oil so that you can swirl it around and cover the bottom but not have puddles. Now add your popcorn! A little more than enough to cover the bottom should work, but keep a bowl nearby in case you pop more than your pan can hold. Now turn the heat to about medium high. On my stove it's an 8. Let it sit with the lid on. When you hear it start popping, start shaking. I just side it back and forth on the burner. If you let it sit, it will burn. (if you are worried about scratching your stove top you can pick it up and shake it, but I don't have trouble.) When the popping slows to every few seconds pour it in a bowl. Add some melted butter and salt to taste, shaking after each. Now go have some family time!
One more tulip photo.

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