Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Obeying a Game

I hope you all had a relaxing Mother's Day with your kiddos!  I had a great time with my family cooking out and playing catch in my Mom's back yard. Today I want to share what we are doing in our home to get our kids back in the habit of obeying the first time. We used to be pretty good at staying on top of this as parents, but lately I guess we've slipped. 
There are many reasons that obeying the first time is important. Safety and respect are at the top of that list.  If you are in a situation where you feel unsafe, you will need your kids to obey and may not be able to explain why at the moment.  If obeying the first time isn't something they are 'trained' to do, they may not carry out your instruction quickly.
On the everyday side of things is respect. For us, we just think they should obey right away. Of course we are reasonable and give a warning when we can. For example: 'In 2 minutes I'll need you to put the Legos away and wash up for dinner.'
In order to get back in the habit I printed off this Obeyball game from one of my favorite resources, iMom.
The kids advance to a base by obeying and saying 'yes, mom' or 'yes, dad' and completing the task.  They can earn a home run by doing the above and doing more than expected.  Together you set a goal for the number of runs that week and what the reward will be.  We are working toward an ice cream treat.  We're doing well!
Click the link to head over there and print your own game and get started!  What a great way to make a obeying fun! 
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