Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How I Organized My Cupboards

So a couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for a weekend getaway to Houston. What do I do? You might think I packed. Or finished the laundry. Maybe you think I have it all together and cooked all the meals my mom and the kids would need while we were gone. (you're so kind to think that)


I rearranged all my cabinets.

I have always wanted open shelving but I'm worried about keeping it all nice and neat. It would look cluttered very quickly. Plus I didn't have all those nice looking dishes everyone displays. 

Wrong! (at least part way)

Just put the serving platters and nice dishes that you have to good use! No reason to tuck them away in a cupboard only to be seen on Thanksgiving!  Get 'em out and make those cupboards pretty!  I haven't taken the doors off yet, but I love opening them now!

Side note...I love little cake stands. I have bought two only to notice later that both of them are not level. Does that happen to anyone else?
I still love them!

Yes, it bugs this type A gal that my coffee mugs don't all match. Oh well. 

This cupboard is my favorite. I use the big mason jars for leftovers and cut up fruit. It's so nice having them ready to use when I need them!

This is Bessie. She used to pour milk on the kids' cereal in the mornings. They loved using her...until I broke her leg.
We need a new Bessie.

That Bessie would be named Daisy.

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