Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Number Order Activity for the Kiddos

Summer is here! We are so excited to be home together and on a relaxed schedule.  We will play, swim, travel, stay up a bit later, play... Did I mention play? 

As much as I love having my kiddos here with me, 3 months of total free time can get a little rough. At some point I start to realize that we need at least a little structure.  Anybody else feel like that?

I did a little planning. I'm not teaching big lessons or filling their day with school work. I am going to be prepared with educational activities for each of my kiddos.  I'll be sharing them as we go. I'll also tell you a bit more about what we have planned in an upcoming post.

Here's our first activity....
I used a few sticky notes and wrote numbers on them. For Noah I wrote 1-10. Kayla's were all 3 digit numbers and were completely random.  I stuck all the sticky notes to a window (each kid had their own window to work on) and asked them to put them in order from least to greatest. 

I love this idea because it's not a worksheet.  Sure they could sit down and write on a piece of paper, but you know what?  They've done enough worksheets for the year.

Another plus is that you can make it more challenging if they complete the task easily. Here's a list of ideas to get you started.

Put the numbers in order from least to greatest.
Order them from greatest to least.
Make a group of odd numbers and even numbers.
Group them by place value (all the numbers wit a 3 in the ones place, all the numbers with a 7 in the ones place, etc. When done with the ones, start over with the tens place and then again with the hundreds place).

Now tell your kid how wonderful, smart and amazing they are and smother them with hugs and kisses before you go and play store (that's what they are into right now) for the third time this week!
Feel free to ask any questions you might have!  I'll be posting more short activities you can do at home to keep your kiddo learning all summer long!

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  1. brilliant and so simple! It would even work in the car (maybe on a binder)!


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