Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

The weather is warming up and we're thirsty! Here's our lemonade recipe...although you'll probably want to add more sugar. We like it sour!
Cut up your lemons and juice them. Then throw some of them in the garbage disposal to freshen it up!

Add in some strawberries, water, and sugar then blend it up!
 So pretty! 

I added some chocolate mint leaves from the garden to mine. Yum!

Prairie Girl to Southern Belle's Strawberry Lemonade
2 cups lemon juice
2 cups water
1-2 cups sugar (or to taste)
2 cups strawberries, cut up

Blend and serve very cold!

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  1. Yummy! & those milk bottles are ADORABLE! :)

    1. They are so fun! We love thoes bottles! They are just Starbucks drink bottles from the grocery store!

  2. This looks delicious! I came over from the Sew Much Crafting party and am a new GFC follower. Thanks for co-hosting and hope to see more!



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