Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plant a Pumpkin

Hey there! I'm here to add another activity to your Summer Activities for Kids list! Have you been keeping up with all the great ideas that have been shared so far? They all look so fun!

 Last week I had the kids plant a pumpkin seed in a jar and we have been observing them ever since.  I saved some seeds from a pie pumpkin last fall. I just let them dry out and stored them in a jar. They seem to be growing well!  If you're starting from scratch, just pick up a packet of seeds next time your out. The kiddos would love to pick out the packet!

When you're ready to plant, place a paper towel in a jar and add soil. Place the pumpkin seed against the side of the jar and against the paper towel. Keep it watered just enough to keep the towel damp.  In just a couple of days, the kids should see it starting to sprout.  When that happened, we started our observation sheet.

To make the data sheet, I folded a piece of construction paper in fourths and labeled each section Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.  The kids drew what they saw under week 1. I had Kayla write a couple of sentences telling me about it.  Noah told me what he wanted to say and I wrote it down.

Today we recorded our observations for week 2. The roots have grown like crazy and we have leaves! The kids are so excited about their pumpkins!

They drew their pumpkin plant and wrote about it. Noah said, 'My leaves are starting to spread. And it's getting bigger and bigger. It's so exciting!'

Next week I will try and guide their writing so it's a little more specific.  It's the teacher in me....did I tell you that in my previous life I was a teacher?

Pretty soon, these little sprouts will move to our garden. Hopefully we will have some cheery little pumpkins to brighten up our back yard...and then to make a pie! 

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