Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Large Baby Bibs

Funny story....
A neighbor was having a garage sale and said I could join her.  Even though I regularly donate unused items from our house, I still came up with a bunch of items to sell. I spent 2 days organizing and tagging each item. 
Want to know how much I made?
Donating is the way to go for me.  The deduction I get, when I itemize everything, will be the best bet for me.
One good thing about the sale is that I ended up going through bins that I haven't seen for a while.  I came across some bibs that we used for Noah. 
My Mom made them for Noah when he was a baby.  Because they use a hand towel, they are very absorbent, and they cover a lot.  Seriously, they're big.  I remember putting them on Noah for the fist time and laughing because they covered him! But they ended up being the best bibs we ever had!  When your little guy or girl starts eating solids on their own, you want a little more coverage than your average bib!
All she did to sew these super cute bibs was pick out some hand towels, ribbing for the neck lines, and fabric (check your scrap stash first) for the appliques.
To make the bib, cut a hole large enough for your babe's head to get through. Now sew on the ribbing.
For the appliques you can google coloring pages and print off a few you like. She used those as her patterns and pieced the appliques together. Now sew them to your bibs!
There you go! Now make these for a baby in your life. Their mother will thank you!




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