Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Backpack Station

Projects have been getting done left and right! What a great feeling!  Here's a little one we did this weekend.

Last year we kept the backpacks in the laundry room. That didn't work so well. They always seemed to end up on the floor by the garage door. This weekend my husband picked up a board, trim, and hooks and helped me create this backpack station.  My kids have started school and I didn't get a good picture with my camera with their backpacks on the hooks. Use your imagination. Picture two cute Pottery Barn backpacks hanging there all ready to go. 
(Those backpacks are not the cheapest thing, but let me tell you, they last a long time! This is Kayla's third school year with hers.  Worth. Every. Penny.)
Above the hooks is our gratitude board from a couple of years ago. I got that idea from Becky Higgins. It is one of my favorite things in our home. I adore the illustrations, backward letters and misspellings. And also the 10 or so smiley faces with arms and legs coming out of them. Noah had just learned to draw them and they were everywhere that year.
Here's to a great and organized school year! (Filled with hugs and kisses!)
Be sure to read about our command center to see how I organize those important school papers! 
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  1. Such a great idea! And absolutely love the Gratitude wall. First thing you see when you leave and enter. Love it!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm loving the poster's new home too!


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