Friday, August 9, 2013

Brighten Your Kitchen in 3 Steps

 I love my house and I love my kitchen...except that it's in the middle of the house and is a little dark. That, and I'd like to have white cabinets. Other than that it's perfect. Well, I'd also like bead board for the back splash. Or subway tile.
But it's perfect.

I have wanted to take my cabinet doors off for quite a while now but just necer thought i could keep things looking nice. A while back, April from
House By Hoff took her doors off. That gave me the nudge i needed. Thanks, girl!

Here are the three steps I took. They were easy and fast. And best of all...


Step 1. Remove the screens from your kitchen windows. 
I love to open the windows when we can but  I never open these. The screens just never did quite fit right.  I just open different windows.  The screens are stored away in the garage.
This made an immediate change. It is so nice to look out a clear window!

Step 2: Take the doors off one or two of your cupboards. Seriously easy.
Step 3: Arrange your glass items in one cupboard. Store and display a serving plate at the same time.  The glass looks clean and adds a bit of sparkle. The white dishes and other items help to lighten the area
I don't have a before picture, but this area is brighter. It has a fresh open feel and is easy to keep organized since it's just all glasses and jars. I use the large jars for food storage in the fridge.
Go ahead and do it! Make the spaces you use every day beautiful!
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  1. Oooooh! I want to do this! I have open cabinets, because we are working on painting them right now, but they look so cluttered. If I focused on only one area, and did decor specific items like you did, I do believe I'd love it! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Good for you! I ALWAYS end up removing ONE or more DOORS from kitchen cabinets. It works for me because arranging things in an orderly fashion is easy for me. IT DOESN'T work if that is hard for you. I like having a mix of OPEN & CLOSED storage/cabinets.Don't get the wrong idea...I too have some storage that is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME-especially the spots where I store all the plastic/foil storage containers.You gotta hide some things!

  3. Oh wow!
    As soon as Fall is over and it starts to get cold... I'm going to take the screen off my kitchen window... hopefully it will brighten it up in there. I have only 1 window in that is so dark!
    I just brought my pretty pyrex dishes out to the open shelves a couple of weeks ago...and I love it.
    I moved everything on that shelf behind the doors. I got tired of dusting it.
    But the pyrex... gets used almost daily at one point or another...and so LESS DUSTING! yeah me.
    It only took me 30 years of homemaking to figure this out. :/
    Oh...the other thing... I liked the idea of taking the doors off, because, while I DON'T RENT...others who do, might like this option. To make the space more personalized. It is simple to do and can be reversed when the lease is up.

    1. Ha! Thanks so much for your comments! I love old Pyrex bowls! I just found an old red one and am in love with it!


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