Friday, August 23, 2013

Command Center

I finally set up a command center to help keep up with all those papers that my kiddos come home with!
The school work and art is organized elsewhere. I'll be posting about that in the near future!
Here is how the command center looks from the hallway. (Excuse the dark photos. No natural light gets in this room no matter what I do!)
Each child has a spot in the hanging file holders.  The folders are marked 'action' for things that need my attention and 'information' for papers that are important to keep like handbooks and newsletters. That idea came from
 I Heart Organizing a few years back and works well for us.
There is also an embellished clothes pin on each basket to clip up notes, small papers, or money that needs to make it to the backpacks. Click over to read the tutorial!

We also added a backpack station. Read about it here.
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  1. Super cool idea!! Love those baskets and bright orange folders, too!

  2. Hi! just had to pop over and see your blog...
    I was at Stringtown Home... welcoming her to blogging via CLH... and I saw that painted chicken... LOVE IT!
    Did you paint it?
    I'm reading some other posts... but wanted to say.. Welcome to blogging!
    glad to get to meet you.
    ...I too am a Lover of Coffee and Christ...but not necessarily in that order. :) Pat

    1. Yes, I did paint it! It was at one of those painting nights at a studio. So fun! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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