Friday, August 23, 2013

The Best Toy Ever

I met my Dad in Fayetteville, TN yesterday to bring him something. Until then, I had not spent any time there.
I fell in LOVE.
 It was like walking into a movie. I stopped a His and Hers Antique Shop and found some great things to bring home. Not having planned on shopping, I had to go find a cash machine. I got out of my car and heard church bells ringing. *swoon*
Here's what I came home with.
This phone. Best toy I have ever picked up! The kids had never seen a phone like this.
It's home is in the playroom but it hasn't made it there yet.  They have played with it non stop since they came home from school yesterday. They even started playing with it right away this morning.  I plan on going back to get another one. Thinking of the conversations I would overhear if they both had a phone to play with makes me smile.
Does it get any better than an old Pyrex bowl? I imagine a cute little mom whipping up something yummy and filled with love for her family.
Wearing an adorable apron of course.

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  1. so much fun! the sound of the dial spinning after each number must be so nostalgic!


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