Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Major Chalkboard Love and Shop Updates

So....This isn't an official chalkboard on the wall post but..I can't keep my excitement contained. Kayla turned 8 last week and we celebrated with a party. Some of the pictures turned out so neat. And here's the thing. I didn't even plan this!
Take a look!
I taped off and painted a GINORMOUS chalkboard on our breakfast area wall. Jason built a frame, stained it, and hung it up for me. I drew a sign for the birthday girl and when she opened her presents it was right in the background. Such a fun backdrop! To say I love this wall is an understatement.  I plan on adding a shelf so I'll hold off on the big reveal until then. Maybe this weekend? But here's another peek.

Kayla got a karaoke machine from my brother and sister in-law. So much fun! Although I'm not sure how I feel about the constant loop of princess songs that are running through my head 24 hours a day.
Thanks to my brother, we started a new tradition. He ordered these lanterns. We made wishes and let them go. Away they flew! The kids were so excited because it reminded them of Tangled...you know..how they light the paper lanterns for the missing princess. 

We played outside.
And even had a shrimp boil.  I promise a recipe when this guy writes it down for me.  Boiling is his area of expertise! (the big guy, not the little guy)
And in shop news, items are being added as I complete them!
I love this state hoop with a heart placed over our home! Available for any state, just ask!
Dipped spoons
And there are some super cute clothespins that need to be rephotographed (Thanks so much to one of you awesome readers for noticing the mistake!)to use in the kitchen or to hold notes, hold gift tags, etc.  They come packaged all cute and pretty so they are ready to give as a gift if that's your plan! They will be back in the shop by the end of the weekend!



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  1. That chalkboard is awesome! AND - your chalk art is TO.DIE.FOR! Why can't my chalk doodling be so cute?! That was the perfect backdrop for the photos - can't wait to see the big reveal. It looks like she had a wonderful day. The lanterns were so neat, and such a sweet tradition... and, YUM! A shrimp boil?! That sounds wonderful! I may have to steal that idea for Karlee's party...Your etsy stuff is just adorable, too! So much goodness in one post... you are so stinkin' talented!

    1. Thanks friend! We should join forces! If only we lived closer....


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