Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY Chalk Paint: Desk Project

Happy September everyone! I hope yours is off to a great start!
I finally tried my hand at chalk paint...and DIY chalk paint at that. Want to know something? I think I'm in love!
I had an old school desk that I picked up at a thrifty/antique store a number of years back. and I thought it was perfect for my first project.
Check it out...
I planned on painting the metal portion of the desk. Know what? You don't need to prep. Well, it needs to be clean, but I didn't do anything special. The paint adhered right to the metal. That's what's so cool about chalk paint!
To mix my paint, I picked up a sample of the color I wanted at Lowe's. Just the regular latex paint. This color is Elf.  I also picked up a carton of plaster of paris. And this will last me a long time.  Buy the smallest one you can. I mixed up my paint and went to town.
DIY Chalk Paint:
3 parts paint
1 part plaster of paris
splash of water to mix
That's it. I wasn't exact. I used the sample container to measure.  I scooped out all the paint then filled it about 1/3 of the way with the plaster of paris. Scraped all of that out with my for-paint-only spatula, added just a splash of water and mixed until it was smooth.
The next day I used my wax. I ordered a nice brush from Perfectly Imperfect and ordered my wax from Amazon (Lowe's was out).
The link is for the dark wax, which is what I used on the desk.
When you're waxing your piece, remember that what your trying to do is push the was into the paint. Then you wipe it off. If you have too much it won't cure right. You don't need much. Here is a great video about waxing from Perfectly Imperfect.
I waited another day and applied a second coat of wax.  I think I'm happy with two coats. Another great thing about this paint is there are little to no brush marks. I love this finish and can't wait to paint another piece with it!

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