Friday, September 6, 2013

What I am Up To

1: Thanking God for this beautiful day. 
2: eating too many candy corns
3: cleaning for company
4: prepping for a birthday party, pioneer style (that's why we're having company)

5: And while I'm at it, here is a look at the pile of books on my nightstand. 
They are all great. I highly recommend Going Public if you have a kiddo in public school and have ever been torn about sending them vs. homeschool or private schools. 

Unglued is also a great book for us moms who can feel a bit unglued at times! 
6: Changing the last thing before I officially open the Etsy shop!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm wanting to put all my fall decor out but I am having trouble doing it in the  95 degree weather!  


  1. Congrats on opening an Etsy shop!! Happy Friday, dear!


    1. Thanks Danielle! Soon! As in by Monday! Birthday and guests come first!

  2. Hi, Jessica!! My name is Theresa and I am your newest follower. What a wonderful day you've had!! I have a little Blog called "Shoestring Elegance" I love what you are doing here, You have a beautiful Blog and a Love for Christ. It's always exciting to see other Bloggers unafraid to mention their Faith and being thankful for all that He provides for us!!
    Many Blessings to you and yours,
    ~Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

    1. Theresa, Thanks so much for following and for your sweet comment!When we keep Him at the center, He blesses us with so much!

    2. Jessica, Truer words were never spoken. So grateful to have a fellow Sister In Christ!! I loo forward to sharing and reading more with you. And, Yes, He does Bless us with so much and always surprises me when he leads me to wonderful, like-minded people, like you!!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog from Vintage, Paint and More and will be stalking you because you mentioned just opening at Etsy shop. I am hoping to open an Etsy shop by the end of the month.

    I love that Mr. Popper's Penguins is in your stack of books.

    1. Ha ha! That is just one of those books! I used to use that book in my class...back in my other life. When I came across it a while back it found its way into my reading stack! Good luck with your shop! Let me know when it opens up!


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