Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Facebook Challenge

Did you read about the Facebook challenge I have going on? Every day (week days) between yesterday and Thanksgiving I will be posting a small challenge. It could be a cleaning task that doesn't get done very often, something to organize or a fun family activity. 

The point if this is to take care if our homes and our families with a joyful heart. Clutter creates stress so many if the days will be geared towards removing extra stuff. We don't need all this STUFF. 

Yesterday's challenge was to remove everything from your fridge and freezer and scrub it out. I learned something. I need to be more intentional about out leftover food. Geesh. 

Here's my fridge today and a great idea. My kidlets always have a glass if something they haven't finished. We don't want to mix them up! To keep the cups straight, I wrote their names on a piece if washi tape and stuck it on a shelf. Now they know where to put their cups and which one is theirs!

Head on over to Facebook to see today's challenge!  Facebook likes to decide what you see in your feed so share, like or comment to make sure you keep seeing my posts! 

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