Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Favorite Tree

The decorations I love most are often the simplest. I recently added a tree branch to the breakfast area and I couldn't love it more! It was so easy to set up and only took about 10 minutes!
First you will need to go exploring and find the right branch and a tall vase or container to put it in. I found the vase at Target and the branch on the ground at the nature preserve. It was a little long but a quick trim (me stomping the end off at the edge of the deck) and it was just right.

Plaster of Paris. You need this. It's easy to mix and will hold the branch well.  I just used what I had laying around from mixing my chalk paint so I didn't have enough to fill the bottom of the vase.  Quick fix: Mason Jar! I mixed the plaster of paris in the jar as directed on the container, stuck the branch in, and placed it where it could lean on the wall while the plaster hardened. 

I love what it adds to this corner of the kitchen! It may move around the house, but this tree will in our house year round! I'm thinking I may need another one in the bedroom.

This little guy was my Grandma's. The kids are sure that their Grandma (my mom) must have touched him when she was little because this one has no magic.
I hung some gold bulbs and these glittery snowflakes. They are actually gift tags I found at Target on clearance last year.
I have wanted to add some glitter to the tree but have held off. I know I'm going to want to use this year round.
What an easy way to bring in some nature this season!


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  1. This is so pretty, Jessica! You're right, sometimes the simplest gifts are the best! Thanks so much for sharing at our Get Your DIY on party! Tonight's theme is handmade gifts...hope to see you there! :)


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